ICW Appetite for Destruction

  1. image image imageICW Road to Fear and Loathing
    Appetite for Destruction
    UEA Norwich
    Match Results:
    The show finally started later than expected due to the wrestlers coach breaking down on the M6. We were treated to a half hour of Drew Galloway who had flown over from Germany that day and made his own way to the building. He challenged a few fans and beat the hell out of one guy who was obviously a plant. Then Coach Trip came out and he and Drew had a small brawl which didn’t last long Drew beat the hell out of Coach who was busted open. The beating stopped when the home town heroes The UK Hooligans came out and got a good ovation. Finally the show kicked off with Billy Fucking Kirkwood being as hilarious as usual.

Mikey Whiplash def Lewis Girvan
A good short match both delivered some stiff shots I think the match was short due to Whiplash injuring his forearm. Mikey was able to roll up Girvan for a three count

Damo def Wolfgang
Two of the biggest members of the ICW went toe to toe as the Beast from Belfast took on The Franchise and NAK member Wolfgang. This was a fierce contest both pulled out some high impact moves Damo finished of Wolgang when he put Wolfgang on his shoulders and drove him down to the mat and picked up the win.

Jack Jester def Lionheart
For the first five minutes Jester stalled outside the ring and it seemed he would rather pick fights with the fans than actually fight Lionheart. Jester finally got in the ring the match started and Jester delivered a finger poke and won the match. The crowd was not pleased with this outcome but Jester and Lionheart seemed very proud of themselves does this mean Lionheart could be joining The Black Label ?

Davey Boy, Nikki Storm and The UK Hooligans def NAK ( Renfrew, BT Gunn, Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray)

This was nothing more than a mass brawl and it wasn’t long before the brawl went in to the crowd. The match finished when the Hooligans delivered a Doomsday Device on BT Gunn and they picked up the win which pleased the locals.

ICW Tag Team Championship

Polo Promotions ( Mark Coffey and Jackie Polo) def The 55 ( Kid Fite and Sha Samules)
This was a very good tag team match both teams came close to picking up the win but it was Polo Promotions leader Jackie Polo who scored the pin fall over Kid Fite as Sha and Coffey brawled to the back.

Grado def The Iron Man Joe Coffey
This was the best match of the night Grado was a massive fan favourite but Joe had a few fans in attendance yours truly being one of them. Grado did however prove he is ready for his title shot as he withstood all the punishment The Iron Man could dish out Grado hit an RGrado out of nowhere but Coffey kicked out Grado then hit an F5 but again Coffey kicked out Grado was finally able to finish off The IronMan after he ducked a Discus Clothesline and delivered a Wee Boot to pick up the win.

Drew Galloway def Kenny Williams
This was an awesome match Williams the smaller of the two took a lot of punishment from The ICW World Champion but at times Williams took risk to get the better of Galloway. But when it looked like Kenny was getting the better of Drew out came Jester who distracted Williams and Drew was able to hit the future shock DDT to pick up the win . After the match Drew and Jester beat down a helpless Williams Jester delivered a tombstone and then they started to mock the crowd once again.

I will say it was only a two hour show and the fans had to wait about two hours before they got to see any wrestling but it was well worth the
wait. In my opinion they are the best wrestling company in the UK and they proved it again tonight. ICDUB ICDUB


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