Hell in a Cell 2015 Review


Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville defeated Rusev, Barrett and Sheamus
This was a standard six man tag match same as we saw on Raw the only difference was Neville picked up the win for his team this time. The only thing I took away from this match is that these are six talented guys who are not progressing in the slightest they are all just going in circles wrestling the same sought of matches every night with no storylines and no character development. This was another match that had no reason to it other than just filling a space. What is next for these six men maybe Ziggler will start a feud with Breeze ? Sheamus has his MITB briefcase I think a cash in tomorrow night after Kane Chokeslams Rollins after getting fired could be a great opportunity for Sheamus. As for the other Four I don’t see where they could go possibly Cesaro or Neville could challenge Owens for the IC title or they may put them together as a team to challenge New Day ? As for Rusev well your guess is as good as mine they have really dropped the ball on this character in my opinion they should never of split Lana and Rusev in the first place.

United States Championship
Alberto Del Rio defeated John Cena
This was another standard match nothing really stood out apart from Del Rio winning clean and Zeb Colter introducing and then staying in his little portable chair and support Del Rio. While I like Colter and respect everything Dutch Mantel has done in the business there was no need for him to be anywhere near this match. While some are happy with the return of Del Rio I agree he is talented in the ring but for me that’s where it ends he is boring and I have never really liked his character in the WWE he had a different edge to him in Lucha Underground that made me see another side to him but I doubt we will get that Alberto just the same generic WWE version.

Hell in a Cell Match
Roman Reigns defeated Bray Wyatt
On the one hand I’m glad this car crash of a fued is over I will say this was a decent match not good not great certainly not Awesome but it was decent which is better than I expected. They used a lot of tables and kendo sticks and never really used the actual cell as a weapon which baffled me to the point of me thinking there was no point in having the cell there it may as well of just been a hardcore match. However I was impressed with both competitors they both gave there all to entertain everyone and this match was probably the best these two have had and was a good way to finish with Roman getting the win. Question is again what happens next with these two does Roman go for the title and Well I think we know what The WWE have for the Wyatt family in the near future after what happened at the end of the show but it depends on who is Writing the story , how it is told and if it makes sense that will be key with every thing coming away from this show.

WWE Tag Team Champions
New Day defeated The Dudley Boys
An okay match nothing spectacular finish was okay was the right decision to have the New Day win as it was clear that the Dudleys are only here to help get other teams over which the WWE are in serious need of as who is next for The New Day?

WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella
This was a sloppy match with a botched finished but hey I don’t mind watching Nikki Bella for ten minutes. Paige and Becky came out after to celebrate it seemed as though Paige wanted to be the first and only one to congratulate the champion. Hopefully yet again they can build from this as maybe Paige will go in to a programme with either Becky or Charlotte or both ?

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins defeated Kane
This was a dull match that never really got going and did just enough to put Rollins over hopefully we have seen the last of the Chicken Shit Champion and after this clean win over the Big Red Machine he would of grown some balls and be a more confident champion who believes he can beat anyone on his own. As for Kane I can see him getting involved in the Undertaker and Wyatt feud or they may even continue the rivalry with Rollins like I mentioned earlier with Corporate Kane being fired he could cost Rollins the title by beating him down and Sheamus cashing in tomorrow night on Raw.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kevin Owens defeated Ryback
This match did not go as I thought it may have. I envisioned Ryback over powering Owens but Owens would use his cunning and short cuts to pick up the win. But the match was not like that at all Owens was able to dominate most of the match and even at times over powered Ryback and was able to easily defeat The Big Guy.

Hell in a Cell
Brock Lesnar defeated Undertaker
This was a slow methodical match up both bled and both delivered some heavy blows as the match swang back and forth in each competitors favour. I thought Lesnar would dominate more than he did. My one problem is the trainer that kept getting in the ring to wipe the blood of both guys. Now I understand this is a PG show so if that’s the case then why have these two bleed in the first place however if you want to make this seem as realistic as other bouts in years gone by have seemed why would you have a guy get in to try and clean the blood away? I mean the blood adds to the excitement to the match. Anyway the finish was the best way to go.

The ending of the show saw the Wyatt family come out and attack the Undertaker and carry him out of the arena. While this was pretty cool the follow up is now the most important thing the story has to make sense and the people telling it have to give everything to get this company on the right track. For me the worst part of the show and the thing that has been slowly dragging the WWE down is the lazy Commentary Team. They really seem like they can’t be bothered to help get any one over or help get any storylines over all they do is praise one or two spots every now and again plug the network and use stale references from the late 70’s and 80’s. How JR is sitting at home and these three have jobs is baffling to me.

Anyway hopefully one or more of the 30 something writers can come up with a way to get this company back on track after this show because even if it was not the best show it did enough to push them back in the right direction it depends on how they write every show from now till survivor series let’s see ?

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it leave your thoughts on the show below


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