WWE Raw 26/10/15

wwe-rawOnly 24 hours removed from Hell in a Cell and the WWE tried to continue from a half decent special event they delivered a half decent Raw. The show kicked of with Rollins and the Authority in the ring congratulating the champ and then HHH announced that there would be a few matches tonight to decide the new number one contender. The eight winners from last nights matches would compete the winners of those four matches would then face each other in a fatal four way match at the end of the night.

Before The authority could leave out came Reigns and he told Rollins it will be him challenging for the title. It was a decent promo from Roman but his facial expressions are really strange and a bit cringe worthy.

Roman Reigns Defeated Kofi Kingston Just like most matches on Raw long winded and only one person got anything from this match.

Kevin Owens Defeated Cesaro A good match Cesaro shone in this contest I thought he would pick up a win here but it was not to be another loss and Cesaro falls further down the pecking order. This match helped no one.

Team Bella Defeated Team PCB  This was a boring six person tag that we have now seen countless times before. The match it self was bad. No one really got anything from the match except the perverts like yours truly who enjoy watching Nikki, Alicia,Paige and Becky for a ten minute stretch. after the match we finally saw Paige snap and attack her team mates. Hopefully now they can an actual feud within the divas division and put an end to have a match for no reason and having countless tag team matches with no real progression with storylines or character development.

Sheamus, Rusev and Barrett defeated The Dudley Boys and Ryback another boring six man tag again with no reason to it no storyline development or character development. some think they are teasing a new faction with Sheamus, Rusev and Barrett but they seem to not be able to figure out how to write a story for these three to go by. I mean they could of come out at the beginning of the match and cut a promo on America or something like that but nope it was just a generic six man tag.

Alberto Del Rio Defeated Neville another basic Raw match long winded and did nothing to help progress the characters of either competitor.

Dolph Ziggler Defeated Big E this was another long winded match that confussed me a little. It was actually an okay match both really gave there all. I see they are going with a feud between Ziggler and Breeze as Breeze sat ringside with Summer Rae my point is why tease the fued and not deliver anything right of the bat ? Why not have Breeze or Summer Rae cost Ziggler the match. No they just gave the win to Ziggler Breeze did nothing and what was the point in him being there for just that ? Again another match with no character or story development. Just another match.

Wyatt was sat in the ring and explained his reasons for him and his family attacking the Undertaker. He said he wants to put an end to the legacy of The Deadman and that he will be reborn after he destroys The Undertaker. Then Demon Kane came out and made his way to the ring just before he was about to get in the ring the lights went out. When the lights came on the entire Wyatt family attacked Kane, he managed to fight them off for a while but the Wyatt family was just to much for even Kane and they beat him down and carried him out of the arena just like they did last night to his brother The Undertaker. This is clearly leading to some sort of survivor series match with The Wyatt Family against The Brothers of Destruction and maybe two others and I can see it maybe being Sting if he is cleared to compete and The Big Show. Four larger than life veterans thier time is coming to an end.

Fatal four way match for the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Roman Reigns Defeated Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler

This outcome was obvious from the promo Reigns did last night after his match at Hell in a Cell. He may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I will admit he still needs work on his character but in the ring he is a believable Bad Ass and the only viable contender for the title at this time. I like how after the match when Roman got in Seth’s face Seth did not back away or run he squared up to him and that’s what he should do. He is the champion and has beaten a good list of competitors and should have more confidence and some freaking Balls and he did in this segment which I liked. Hopefully he wont change next week into a snivelling coward.

This three hour show started four new storylines heading to Survivor Series next month. We know now Roman Reigns will challenge  Seth Rollins for his WWE title. The Wyatt’s will face The Undertaker and maybe others in some sort of match. Paige should now be challenging Charlotte for the Divas title and we may see Ziggler and Breeze face off in a match. The only problem with this is that if the next few weeks are just a bunch of tag matches and other pointless matches for no reason then that is not telling any real story. I would hope maybe they will try something different this time round and actually have some sort of sizzle to each story. The material written for each story heading to Survivor Series is the most important thing I have no doubt all the Wrestlers are capable and talented enough to pull it off my only worry is the commentary team. Like Flair once said ‘ Its up to the commentary team to help the people understand what is going on at home’ and like Jim Ross said ‘ We add the lyrics to the beautiful music played by the wrestlers’. Basically if the Commentators are not doing their job to the best of their ability then its not going to work and for me this is one of the major problems in the WWE at the moment.

Lets hope we see a continuation of these stories next week that makes sense and helps develop characters and maybe the start of two or more new storylines.

Thanks for reading.

Good journey


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