NXT 29/10/15 Results and Review


Emma with Dana Brooke defeated Shazza in a short 4 minute squash match. Emma dominated the majority of the match and made  Shazza tap out with the Emma Lock. No real story in this match she beat a nobody and beating a nobody does nothing  for any character building or storyline progression.

A good typical promo from James Storm he has tons of charisma and if he can get in to better shape should be on the main roster.

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan defeated Tammaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano for me this was probably the best match of the night very fast paced and hard hitting. Gable is very entertaining and both he and Jordan show cased some good in ring skills in this match. They still need work on their characters but they are almost there as a very good all round Tag team.hopefully they will be given some sort of story line to see if they can get their characters over as good as they have with their in ring abilities. This was better than most matches now on weekly NXT shows as it was not another jobber squash match. I mean it was obvious which team was going over but at least Ciampa and Gargano got some offence in but again they have no characters so if you are not an indie wrestling fan then you may not of heard of these two so who have Jordan and Gable beaten another two no bodies?

Nia Jax defeated Kay Lee Ray. On the one hand I was pleased to see Kay Lee Ray as I have seen her live many times with ICW and she is incredibly talented however this was obvious what sought of match this was going to be as soon as her opponent was announced. Kay Lee got some offence in but  Jax over powered her and picked up another quick win in a quick match. Nia Jax could if booked correctly become one of the most dominant women ever in the WWE. Hopefully we have not seen the last of Kay Lee Ray in NXT I am seeing her on Saturday for ICW so that’s a bonus for me.

Dash and Dawson jumped Enzo and Cass from behind as they made their way to the ring they pushed Enzo of the ramp to the floor then worked over Big Cass’ knee. This was a good segment that has continued from last week lets hope they can keep this story rolling as it is helping get Dash and Dawson over as for Big Cass and Enzo I think they should of been on the main roster a long time ago.

In the main event Samoa Joe looked to get revenge on Breeze for cost him his spot in the Number one contenders Battle Royal on last weeks show. This was better than most matches in the last few weeks as there was a small story to this match and it was not just a squash match. Both got in some big impact moves and both came close to the win with lots of near falls. Joe finally picked up the win as he choked out Tyler Breeze.

This was another okay show still to many squash matches with no story or character development. but watchable because its only one hour long.


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