Global Force Wrestling UK Invasion Tour

Global Force Wrestling 30/10/15
Kings Lynn

The second ever show in the UK held by Global Force Wrestling was in Kings Lynn tonight and What a show it was !

Rampage Brown Defeated Bram
These two huge Brits beat the hell out of each other and both could of picked up the victory on numerous occasions. but just as it seemed Bram was going to pick up the win out came The Villain Marty Scurll who distracted Bram which gave Rampage the opportunity to low blow and roll up Bram for the win.

Trevor Lee Defeated Tyler Bate
This was a very fast paced hard hitting match. I was very impressed with both competitors in this contest. Lee delivered lots of hard chops and kicks that left Bate’s chest red raw. However Bate was able to gain the upper hand on more than one occasion using very good wrestling skills. But it was Trevor Lee that was able to pick up the victory in this match.

Mickie James Defeated Toni Storm
Both these females showed how good the Women’s wrestling division in GFW is and who need a Revolution when you have Mickie James she was just as good as she has ever been tonight and was able to put away a very capable and talented Toni Storm with her patented Mickie DDT.

Next was a Six Man elimination tag match between the local promotion FSW. It was an okay match which saw Team Starr defeat Team Dark Wolf in the end Jimmy Starr was the sole survivor after he delivered a cutter to Dark Wolf for the win.

Jeff Jarrett Defeated Doug Williams
Two veterans squared of in this match and showed everyone how its done in an awesome contest. The match swung back and forth between these two but Doug managed to get the upper hand but every time it looked like he was about to finish of Jarrett , Jeff’s wife Karen got involved and either distracted Doug or the Ref in the end the distractions got the better of Doug and he grabbed Karen by the hair and pulled her up on the apron . Unnoticed to Doug Jarrett snuck up behind him and was able to low blow Doug and then hit him with The Stroke and The King Of The Mountain was able to pick up the win.

Nick Aldis Defeated Marty Scurll
The main event was the best match of the night as Aldis returned to his home Town to face quite possibly the best British wrestler on the independent scene. It was an awesome match as both tried to out do the other. Scurll dominated a lot of the match delivering some awesome kicks and a sickening finger snap. But the strength, size and speed of Aldis was to much from Scurll in the end and the Global Force Wrestling Heavyweight champion defeated The Villain with the Flying Elbow Drop of the top rope.

The was a really good night of wrestling the one thing that really won me over was how friendly all the wrestlers are. Got to meet most of them before the show and they all seemed really friendly and were very interactive with all the fans.

Getting to meet Jeff Jarrett was a massive bonus he and Karen are very nice friendly people.

Hopefully this is the first of many Global Force Wrestling UK Tours because I would defiantly go again and would recommend it to anyone aswell.image image image


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