ICW Imaginationland

ICW Fear And Loathing UK Tour
Imaginationland Birmingham

ICW rolled in to Birmingham for a Halloween special and it was without question an unbelievable night.

Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray Defeated Flash Morgan Webster and Nikki Storm

The whole NAK made their way out to the ring to face Storm and Webster. The New age Kliq had dressed up for Halloween and oh my did they look oh too sweet as they had all portrayed characters from Arkham City in this match Joker ( aka Stevie Boy) and Harlequin ( aka Kay Lee Ray) were more than a match for their opponents. The match was an excellent fast paced mixed tag and at times the women found them selves up against their male opponents and they showed exactly why these two are considered two of the best Female Wrestlers in the Country. Stevie boy did not seem fussed in taking off Nikki Storms head with a Super kick and on more than one occasion spat straight in her head. Webster used his speed to try and get the better of Stevie but he and Kay Lee Ray double teamed and distracted the ref to keep Webster from making the tag and they really punished him until finally he was able to reach Nikki Storm for the tag. Storm came in on fire and looked like she was going to pick up the win but unfortunately for The self proclaimed ‘White Chocolate Cheesecake’ Kay Lee Ray was able to roll her up and with a handful of tights get the 1-2-3 and the NAK picked up a win.

Wolfgang Defeated Kid Fite
This was a hard hitting fight between two veterans they both hit everything in their arsenal and both came very close with lots of near falls. But in the end it was Bane (aka Wolfgang) who was able to pick up the win as he hit the Bane back breaker on Kid Fite and scored the pinfall.

Mikey Whiplash & Tommy End Defeated Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)
An awesome tag match between these four men and it was only ruined when Kid Fite came out and hit Jackie Polo in the back with a steal chair as Coffey, Whiplash, End and Sargent Slaughter aka (Coach Trip) looked on in astonishment. But it did not take long for End and Whiplash to take advantage and Whiplash hit a Death Valley Driver and End delivered a Double Foot Stomp off the top rope and picked up the win. Both teams did not seem pleased with this and I don’t think this is the last we have seen of these two teams facing off.

Grado Defeated Chris Renfrew
Another match and another win for the boy from the Top End of Stevenson as Grado was able to overcome the dastardly Two Face ( AKA Chis Renfrew). Grado used every move he could think off and more to put away Renfrew and at times it seemed like it was not going to be. Renfrew even at times seemed like he was going to be one step to far and after hitting an awesome stone Cold Stonner I really thought it was going to be over but Grado would not be denied. The Crowd really got behind Grado and after hitting Two Wee Boots was able to get the pin for the win.

Liam Thompson Defeated Joe Coffey
This was another hard hitting contest between two of the meanest men in Britain. But it was Thompson who in my opinion scored an upset after he was able to get the roll u[p and a hand full of tights to beat the Iron Man however it was not all good news for Liam as it seemed he had been hurt after receiving a sick German suplex but he landed on his head and he needed treatment from paramedics after the match.

BT Gunn Defeated Trent Seven
This was with out question one of the hardest hitting matches I have ever witnessed as both tried to top each other with chops and other strikes during this contest. Both men seemed to actually enjoy the pain as both of their chests got more red from every shot delivered. BT Gunn came out on top in this Duel as he delivered one more superkick to add to the countless already he had punished Seven with. Seven was dropped to his Knees after the punishment he had endured and the last Kick to the head was just to much for him to take and The Riddler ( AKA BT Gunn) was declared the Victor via pinfall.

Damo Defeated Jack Gallagher
This was a classic contest of David versus Goliath. The smaller man Gallagher tried everything to get the better of The Beast from Belfast. The pace and Wrestling skills of Jack Gallagher really tested Damo he managed to even show a great feet of strength as he managed to suplex Damo to the amazement of the crowd in attendance. But the size and power of The Beast was in the end to the deciding factor and after Damo hit a reverse lifting DDT and pinned The Grappler for the win.

Main Event

Drew Galloway defeated RockStar Spud

Spud came out to a great ovation as the home town boy returned home. Then he was greeted by Jack Jester who informed everyone that he would be the guest referee for this match. Just as Jester was about to introduce Galloway Madonna’s Like A Prayer played once again and as everyone thought that Grado was coming out to stop this from happening out came Drew dressed up as Grado he had the belly, Fanny pack and the rest. The match it self was absolutely outstanding as Spud took every chance he could even at one point diving off the top rope too the outside in to the crowd and landing on top of Drew and Jester. Just as it seemed the heart and determination of little Spud was getting the better of the ICW champion Jester would interfere and allow Galloway to gain the upper hand.
This continued throughout the whole match until Drew hit a running boot and picked up the win.
The punishment for Spud was not over as both Jester and Drew continued to beat down Spud with Chairs until Grado made the save and ran off The Black Label.
The show closed with Grado and Spud Partying in the ring then they took the party to the bar to get themselves a well deserved PInt each.

Another Amazing show the Birmingham crowd did not disappoint either as they were just as amazing as the wrestlers and I cant wait till ICW come back to England for another tour.

I will finish this by saying after seeing ICW four times in the last year or so that this company has gone from strength to strength and have exceeded even my expectations. No other promotion have travelled up and down the country and put on brilliant shows in every major city, no other promotion have just sold out four Thousand tickets to one show which I may add is for over 18’s only. Saying that it is without question that ICW are the Number 1 promotion in the UK and the rest have a massive amount of catching up to do.


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