NXT 4/11/15 ‘One Match Show’

WWE_NXT_display_imageThis show was clearly all about the Main Event with NXT champion Finn Balor defending his title against Apollo Crews. Four matches in a one hour show is okay but the number of enhancement matches they have every show is starting to annoy me a bit.

Asuka Defeated Cameron- This was a quick match Cameron got one or two shots in but the rest of the match she was dominated by Asuka and Asuka made Cameron Tap out.

Bull Dempsey Defeated Angelo Dawkins – Another shot enhancement match that really was just in to fill time no story and no character enhancement pointless really.

Eva Marie Defeated Marley- Yet again another short match Eva again looked awkward and sloppy but she is gorgeous and hopefully will get better as time goes on.

NXT Championship

Finn Balor vs Apollo Crews match stopped due to outside interference from Baron Corbin. This was a very good fast paced match that had me on the edge of my seat both came very close to picking up the win until Corbin came out and ruined the whole thing. Baron continued punishing both Apollo and Finn until Samoa Joe came out and chased him away. Then out of nowhere Joe attacked a aloe hit him with a Muscle Buster and left. It now seems like two feuds came out of this match and we may see them culminate at NXT Takeover London with Corbin vs Crews and Joe vs Finn for the title.

like I said this was a one match show but that one match was very good.


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