Raw 2/11/15 ‘Pointless Filler Crap’

Another show that if you missed it you really didn’t miss much.

Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler- Owens was able to Pop Up Powerbomb  Dolph after Ziggler was distracted by Tyler Breeze. After the match Breeze attacked Ziggler so I guess these two will be squaring of in the near future. The problem I had with this segment was that neither Ziggler or Owens benefited this Ziggler got made to look stupid getting distracted for no reason and it came across that the only way Owens (the WWE Intercontinental Champion) could  beat Ziggler was with help.

Cesaro defeated The Miz- This was just a match to fill up some time. Cesaro wins but does nothing for either there was no story involved here going in to the match or coming out of it. Pointless !

The next segment was really bad as we had another Wyatt promo.while he is probably one of the best talkers in the business I think he shouldn’t talk as much as he does so it becomes more special when he does talk at the moment it seems every week he is coming out spouting some overly scripted promo. The pyro was corny and did not look good at all. I just hope that The Wyatt Family go over in this feud because if they don’t that would be the End of Bray and his followers.

Lucha Dragons Defeated Sheamus and Barrett- I get they are trying to get the Lucha Dragons over so the Kiddies will by more masks but in doing so they have really hurt not only the King of The Ring Winner Barrett but more importantly they seem to think its a good idea to let The Money In The Bank winner Sheamus lose again. At this point how can anyone take Sheamus seriously as someone who will be a WWE Champion if he cant beat the Smaller Lucha Dragons. So the only thing that can happen is Sheamus is unsuccessful when cashing in maybe against Reigns when he finally wins the belt.

Alberto Del Rio Defeated R Truth- Another match that had nothing close to a storyline so again was just pointless filler crap. There was a small backstage segment between Del Rio, Colter and Jack Swagger which was not that bad and they need to do more like this to get some storylines going. Its not that hard surely ?

Number One Contenders for the Divas Championship Fatal Four Way

Paige Defeated Becky Lynch, Brie Bella and Sasha Banks

I’m sorry but for me this match was sloppy at best. It was hard to watch these four try to get the crowd involved in the match until they did one tower of doom spot in the corner and then the fans out of nowhere started chanting ‘This is Awesome’ that was the funniest thing in the whole show as I am pretty sure they were being sarcastic or maybe some fans  think one half decent spot makes the whole match Awesome. Yes this match had a better feel to it because something was on the line but then every match is better when something is at stake. Not a surprise that Paige won and will be facing Charlotte at Survivor Series the only problem I see is that if and when Paige loses what happens to her character then? And with others itching for the top spot she could find herself falling down the pecking order very quickly.

Team Reigns ( Reigns, Ambrose, Ryback and The Usos) Defeated Team Rollins ( Rollins, Owens and The New Day)

So heading in to Survivor Series we were treated to a Classic Survivor Series 5 on 5 Elimination tag match. The match it self was way to long and in the end once again Reigns got made to look like the new Super Hero on the block. Rollins was disqualified after attacking Ambrose and Reigns with a chair and as he was the last man on his team they were declared winners. Rollims continued his attack on Ambrose and then Reigns with the steel chair he threw roman back in the ring and as Seth got in to attack him Roman popped back up and hit a Super Man Punch and Rollins retreated. Why do this there is no story at all now. But there could of been all they hadf to do is let Rollins injure Reigns with the chair and leave him writhing in pain in the ring leaving the viewing audience wondering if Roman is okay and if he will be healthy in time for the title match. But in stead they decide to make Roman as strong as possible and Rollins a coward.

Another bad TV show with no storylines no plot development and no compelling characters to get invested in just …………………..



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