Smackdown 6/11/15 ‘ Storylines and Character development Much better than Raw Again’

thL3YETX7UI’m not sure how the WWE did this but some how Smackdown for the second week in a row has been far more entertaining than RAW. If you did not see last weeks Halloween episode go find it and watch it and tell me its not better than that weeks Raw. This show actually teased story line and character development and the matches were very good and the main event had a good finish.

Del Rio defeated Neville

Before the match Zeb and Del Rio tried to explain again why they have formed this alliance and they still cant get me and others to by in to this strange alliance. The match was good both got in their usual move sets and Del Rio picked up the win.

After the match Del Rio continued to punish Neville until Jack Swagger ran down and stood in the way of Del Rio stopping him from delivering more punishment to a helpless Neville. They stood and stared at each other and for a moment I was not sure whether Swagger who attack Del Rio or join him in the beat down of Neville. In the end Del Rio finally retreated with Zeb leaving Swagger and a hurt Neville in the ring. Now we have a few questions from this match. Will Swagger join MexAmerica ? Or will Swagger challenge Del Rio for the U.S Title ?

The Usos defeated The Ascension

This was a quick match that saw returning Usos make short work of the bigger team in the Ascension. I was surprised how short this match was I guess they are building up the Usos to take on New Day. The Ascension though are falling fast since they came to the main roster they have not been used in the right way at all in my opinion.

4 on 4 Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match

The Wyatt Family defeated The Prime Time Players and The Lucha Dragons

This was a match that need to happen and I think they should do more matches like this building to Survivor Series try to make this team as dominant as possible. The Wyatt Family completely dominated the match they made short work of Young and both Lucha Dragons and Even though Titus lost he put in a good showing in this match. He showed he could hang with the big boys and he has the look and charisma why not give this guy a chance?

Ryback defeated King Barrett

For the majority of the match Barrett dominated then from out of nowhere when Barrett had Ryback down in a chin lock Ryback picked King Barrett and hit the Shell Shock and picked up the win.

Natalya defeated Tamina

Veteran Nattie used mind games before the match in an attempt to gain the upper hand in her mission to seek revenge against Team Bad. She challenged the Real Leader of Team Bad to a match and that’s how the trouble started as it seemed Sasha and Naomi could not decide who the leader was. As the two of them argued Tamina pushed her way past and said to her fellow team mates ‘ I got this’. Well for the majority of the match it seemed Tamina was correct as the Superfly’s daughter dominated Niedhart. However like before Natalya used her veteran know how and rolled up Tamina for the win and made her escape up the ramp before the rest of Team Bad could get to her. So it seems that Nattie has exacted some revenge but I doubt this is the end of this feud. I must say this is a decent story that makes sense the young brash team taking on the veteran and it makes sense !!!  Why is this feud not on Raw much better than what they are doing with the rest of the Divas division at the moment ?

Owens defeated Ambrose via DQ

This for me was the best match of the week it had every thing you could ask for. A decent segment between the two backstage a very good in ring match with both getting coming close to picking up the win. Just as it seemed that Ambrose would beast the Intercontinental Champion in this non title match they went the other way something I was totally not expecting. Ambrose seemed to kick Owens in the lower stomach area but Owens played it of as a low blow and the ref seemed to think the same the kick was very close so it was hard to tell with out video replay. But the ref disqualified Ambrose which only angered the Lunatic Fringe and he attacked Owens. The pair brawled in then outside of the ring until Owens managed to escape through the crowd.

How did they do it ? How was this show full of storylines, character and plot development something that Raw is desperately needing at the moment. This was another good show to follow from the one they did last week and I have to say for me this was a much better show than Raw because nearly every match helped develop a story and/or a character.


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