SuperStars 6/11/15

thA2YTOD5PThis show was a basic one hour show with two matches from wrestlers rarely used on the main shows and then they show highlights from Raw and plug shows that are coming up on the WWE Network.

Bo Dallas defeated Zack Ryder

A win for Bo and another loss for a guy that has made a career from being on Superstars The Long Island Iced Z. How is this guy still employed by this company ?

Neville defeated Slater

Another basic match nothing special Neville wins not surprising as again I question why Slater still has a job in this company as they do nothing with him. However if you have watched the episode of Swerved with Fandango and Slater working in the  coffee shop you cant say the guy is not entertaining. How they cant get any ideas from this what to do with the guy is baffling to me.

Anyway this was a basic show with two short matches that have no real point or meaning but then again that’s better than watching 3 hours of this on a Monday night.


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