ICW Fear and Loathing VIII

image.jpgIt has taken me one week to write this review the reason being I have not been able to put in to words what I witnessed from this show.

This was not only a massive night for ICW but for British Wrestling as well. There was four thousand fans in attendance a crowd that big has not been together like this since the days of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks and that was when British Wrestling was on National TV and at its Peak. Since then British Wrestling was not in good shape until the turn of the century then things on the independent scene start to look promising.

Out of nowhere a small promotion in Scotland started making a lot of noise and then came the documentaries The Vice about The British Wrestler doc and shortly followed by Insane Fight Club on BBC.

After the national airing of Insane Fight Club ICW took off and became a one of if not the most talked about Wrestling promotion in the country. Then after the success of the shows in Scotland they decided to start touring the rest of the UK and the first tour was a success. Then they where asked to do another Documentary and that was even more successful which meant they were in even more demand nation wide.

ICW have now done five UK tours and each have been more successful than the last as they are trying to reach every major city and town. They have announced another tour which sees them going to Wales and Ireland.

The show started with Mark Dallas announcing the venue for next years Fear and Loathing The Hydro and this received as massive ovation from the crowd in attendance. There was a small segment between Dallas and Red Lighting and just as Dallas was about to fire Red Foley came out and said his piece and the show finally got under way.

ICW Zero G Championship

Davey Boy defeated Stevie Boy

This match had a very compelling story with the former tag team champions and cousins finally met one on one. The story made this fantastic match even better both gave everything in this match hitting every move in their arsenal Davey was able to defeat Stevie by using Stevie boy’s finisher on him. I seriously doubt this is the last time these two will square off.

Kenny Williams, Noam Dar and Joe Hendry defeated Lionheart, Liam Tompson and Doug Williams

Three of the most talented young wrestlers this country has to offer battled three of the best veterans this country has. It was a very exciting match with tons of action a bit of comedy from The BBC’s Scot Squad who aided the team named Champagne Global Bollocks by arresting Lionheart after he was slapped by Bobby from Scot Squad because Lionheart attacked officer Karen  and a surprise return was the main factor in the match as British Hardcore Icon Jimmy Havoc came back and beat the crap out of the veterans and the younger wrestlers picked up a win at this massive show.

ICW Women’s Championship

Viper Defeated Nikki Storm and Kay Lee Ray

Just before this match was about to start as a singles match between Storm and KLR Foley came out and changed the match to a Triple Threat and he was putting Viper in to the match after she had been screwed out of the tournament leading up to this final match. This was another match with a great story going in to it and during and the ending was brilliant as well. The tournament was started months ago to crown the first ICW  Women’s  champion that was a good enough story in it self then you had Viper being screwed out of the tourney and added back in at the last minute. Viper dominated most of this match with her size, strength and her surprising agility. Viper put the two other females away with two Viper bombs. She was crowned the new ICW Women’s champion.

ICW Tag Team Championship

Polo Promotions defeated The 55

When asked who is the most Entertaining act in ICW most would probably say Grado but for me it is by far Polo Promotions each character is brilliant you have the leader and mouthpiece Jackie Polo who’s the best talker in the country and is also getting better in ring every match and is becoming one of the best Wrestlers in the UK. Mark Coffey is already one of the best this country has to offer in the ring and he is the enforcer of the group a modern day Arn Anderson and he is certainly a gifted tag team specialist DCT is a brilliant character and is chessey, sleazy and very cringey  but I love him he is a comedic genius and Coach Trip is just as funny and his body and facial expressions are brilliant.

I’m glad the reign of Polo continues in the tag team division they are with arguably the best team in the UK with other teams in the country coming close but in my opinion apart from maybe The Hooligans and The Sumerian Death Squad  no one is as talented as a two man team as Coffey and Polo.

The match was a tag classic as it seemed that Sha Samules and Kid Fite would defeat Polo Promotions as they were able to dominate and single out Polo from Coffey keeping them away from tagging each  other and double teaming and taken any short cut they could to gain the upper hand. However Polo Promotions have amazing determination and using their amazing  wrestling skills they retained the titles.

The question now is who can stop the title reign of Polo Promotions I would like to see other teams bought in to challenge them like The UK Hooligans or maybe from overseas The Briscoes maybe ?

Joe Coffey defeated Rhyno

This for me was the best in ring match of the whole show. It was a fast paced hard hitting extreme contest between The War Machine and The Iron Man. Both came very close to winning the match I thought it was all over when Rhyno Gored Coffey through a table but he managed to kick out of the pin attempt at two. Coffey managed to fight back and after hitting a spear and two discus clotheslines was able to defeat Rhyno.

This match showed two things one Rhyno can still go with the best in the business and two Joe Coffey could be a major player in any of the big promotions in the world I think he would do very well in NJPW or maybe NXT ?

6 Man Steel Cage Tag Team Match

NAK defeated Legion

For me this was the best story in the whole show. The War between these two Factions has been lethal to say the least. It stemmed from the rivalry and hatred between BT Gunn and Mikey Whiplash. The fued spread throughout  both factions resulting in both trying to take each other out in the lead up to the show it reached a volatile point that Dallas had to set a stipulation that neither team touch during the last few weeks leading up to  the match this was after tons of blood loss , Broken Bones and near death experiences.

The match was the final chapter in this fantastic gory tale. It certainly and lots of twists and turns and nail biting moments that took my breath away. The first twist was after Wolfgang missed the Swanton off the top of the cage Legion threw him out of the cage door eliminating from the match making it three on two. Legion dominated BT Gunn and Renfrew  and as they felt they had dished out quite enough punishment they decided to all climb out of the cage but only Dante was able to climb out but he did not notice that Whiplash and Tommy End where pulled back in to the ring until he was on the floor outside the ring. The brawl continued in and now outside the ring. Legion again got the upper hand and End escaped but Whiplash could not escape the cage as once again BT Gunn would not let his foe leave. Then Renfrew and BT Gunn really punished Whiplash and after BT Gunn hit his foot stomp of the top of the cage on to Whiplashes head as he was being held out by Renfrew on the top rope. Whiplash was laying motionless in the ring and Renfrew thought it was time to get out and finish this feud but Gunn refused to leave and they argued as Renfrew was climbing out of the cage and just at the last moment Whiplash popped back up and Renfrew was pulled off the cage by Dante and End. Then both Gunn and Whiplash brawled back and forth until they both managed to get up to the top of the cage Whiplash tried to suplex Gunn off the top of the cage to the outside through tables but Gunn blocked then they both fell of the top of the cage and crashed through the tables both are very lucky to be alive it could of been a lot worse but they were not in good shape both could barley stand and the ref was forced to throw the match out. But that was not enough for Whiplash as he climbed back in to the cage he grabbed a mic and said it was not over with Gunn until he killed him. Gunn made his way back to the ring not after slapping his NAK member and friend Renfrew for trying to stop him. Gunn climbed over the cage and in to the ring. The announcement was made that Foley had granted sudden death first pin wins  between Whiplash and Gunn and after a short brawl and a sick Super Kick delivered by Gunn to the head of Whiplash the ref counted the tree and declared the New Age Kliq the winners. ‘Enough’ was what Wolfgang shouted  after pulling his team mate to safety at Legion . Surely this is the end of a fantastic story that has seen some of the best most brutal matches in the history of ICW.

Damo defeated Jack Jester

A slobber knocker is what I think good old JR would call this match. The Beast from Belfast should be ICW champion and maybe would of been had it not been for his opponent Jack Jester who has been helping his Black Label team mate hold on to the top prize in the company. In doing so he has angered the wrong Irishman. Damo is without doubt the best big man in the business and yet again he showed his dominance in defeating Jester. But it was not as easy as many matches have been for the beast as Jester is one of the best in the country and proved it by withstanding a lot of punishment and dishing out a lot and showed an amazing strength when he managed to Tombstone Damo. But Damo kicked out of the pin attempt from Jester at two and was able to defeat him with a standing senton.

Main Event

ICW World Heavyweight Championship

Grado defeated Drew Galloway

A good story and a good match between the two most popular wrestlers in the UK. Grado’s rise to fame has mirrored that of ICW and from someone who could not get booked on any  wrestling show in the country to someone who is  getting bookings all over the world  and is now gone in to acting he is a hit in the fantastic Scot Squad on BBC Scotland.

The match was good Grado is not the best in ring but like many of the best that have been successful in this business if you can draw the crowd in, get them to care about you and get invested in the story of the match then wrestling ability is secondary and Grado’s ability to do all of this does mask his shortcomings in athleticism. Drew was at his best as always and how he is not in the best company in the world oh wait he is so fuck WWE its there loss as for TNA they are an injured horse that needs to be taken out back and put out of its and everyone’s misery. TNA need Galloway he doesn’t need the them.

The end of the match saw a few run ins from Jester, Red and Foley who took out the other two members of The Black Label. Grado managed to hit another Wee Boot on to a steel chair that Drew was holding the blow forced the chair to hit Galloway in the head knocking him out cold. Grado covered but the ref had been taken out previously however out of nowhere came ICW Owner Mark Dallas who counted the pin and Grado’s dreams became a reality as he was crowned the new ICW Heavyweight champion.

This was the best Pro Wrestling show I have watched in some time every match had a story going in to it and the matches helped with character and story development and in some cases ended the fantastic story that was being told and that is what Pro Wrestling should be good Stories that get people invested in the matches not the other way around.

ICW have gone to a new level compared to all over Independent companies in the UK. Just by looking at the arena they were performing in and the size and noise of the crowd showed they have stepped up to the next level and the rest have some serious catching up to do.

Its a good thing for British Wrestling as they have shown it is possible to draw these sorts of crowds and put on these type of shows. There are other companies in this country that have just as much talent and ability to do this its just if they have the balls to take the risks involved. Mark Dallas had the Grapefruits to take on the risks involved and with the help of his fantastic crew look at what’s happened.

So now that American Wrestling is at an all time low I am so glad that British wrestling is going from strength to strength and is the place to be for any independent wrestler in the world.




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