Company: LDN Wrestling
Venue: Harrow Borough Football Club
Date: 05/03/16

In front of a full house the show started with an interruption from the Manager of Hardwick Enterprises Clarke Jackson, He introduced everyone to the man who should be in tonight’s championship match Lord Jonathan Hardwick.

Falcon def Lord Jonathan Hardwick
This was an execllent opening match. Hardwick dominated Falcon for the majority of the match and with constent interference from Jackson. Falcon managed to overcome the odds and just as he was about to Finish Hardwick, Jackson jumped into the ring to prevent Hardwick from receiving more punishment. Falcon had a choice and he took the right option as he grabbed Jackson and T-bone suplexed him then he suplexed Hardwick on to his manager. With Hardwick down his manager out on the floor writhing in agony Falcon climbed to the top rope and hit a Frog splash and picked up the victory.

Next was a short in ring segment as owner Sanjay Bagga came to the ring and really ripped in to the home town boy Ashley Reid and his family. Then the heel owner introduced Reid to the crowd and as we were expecting to see the home town boy out came Travis dressed as Reid and he cut a really hilarious promo to tons of boos from the crowd.

Joey Ozbourne def JJ
The next match was one of the best of the night in my opinion. I have seen Ozbourne in other promotions and for me he is one of the best heel wrestlers in the country. He was once again at his best in this match using every short cut and cheap shot he could but then when it was time to match JJ for wrestling skills and speed he was on par with his opponent. The match ended with the best move of the night. Ozbourne delivered an awesome pop up sit out powerbomb to finish JJ.

LDN Championship Match
Tables Match
Alan Lee Travis def Ashley Reid
This was the main reason the massive crowd in attendance came to see Ashley Reid capture the LDN championship in his last match ever.
This was a hard hitting brutal fight that literally tore the house down. Both used any weapon they could find to get the upper hand over each other.
Reid took a lot of punishment from the champ and it seemed it was all over when he was sent crashing through a stack of chairs set up by Travis.
As Reid recovered from the punishment his body had endured Travis had enough time to set up a table in the corner of the ring. By this time Reid had recovered and fought back but with the interference of LDN owner Bagga Travis got the upper hand but the referee was not happy and Travis did not seem to care as he took out the Ref and kicked him to the outside. Once again Reid was able to battle back and finally managed to spear Travis through the table and he thought and so did most of the crowd that he had won the LDN Championship but from the back came Ozbourne and Hardwick they attacked Reid from behind as Bagga revived Travis he pulled him out of the ring then Ozbourne and Hardwick placed Reid on the broken table, Bagga revived the referee and he saw Reid lying on the table and had no choice but to award the match and still LDN Champion Alan Lee Travis.
After the match Falcon and JJ came out to the ring and helped Reid and stopped the beating he was receiving from Ozbourne, Hardwick and Travis and they challanged them to a six man elimination tag match later in the night. Bagga accepted on one condition if Ried’s team lost he would have to pay them £5000 Reid accepted the terms.

Marshall X def Mika
A good match between these two Mika was the more powerful of the two and used his strength to dominate his foe. However Marshall X had speed and agility on his side and it was not long before he got the upper hand on The Polish native. Marshall X finished of Mika with a firemans carry driver for the win.

Six man elimination tag team match
Ashley Reid, JJ and Falcon def Joey Ozbourne, Jonathan Hardwick and Alan Lee Travis

An enjoyable contest to finish of the night. Both teams battled back and forth and it was Ozbourne who was eliminated first after taking three stunners from each of the opposing team and a Frog Splash from Falcon he was out of the match. Shortly after that Falcon was eliminated by Hardwick with his version of a tombstone but as he was celebrating JJ snuck up behind him and as Hardwick turned around he got hit with an RKO out of nowhere. Then JJ was eliminated straight away by Travis who hit his version of a Rock Bottom. Then it was once again down to Reid and Travis and with the help of Bagga it seemed that Travis would win but the Home Town Hero would not be denied and with his family,friends and fans behind him he hit an awesome TKO and scored the pin. after the match Bagga again attacked Reid with a chair but Ried fought back and was left holding the championship belt in the ring and celebrated with everyone in attendance. What a great way to go out.image


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