This Is Progress

Review of Progress Wrestling Endvr 15

This was my first ever Progress Wrestling show after watching lots of content online i could wait no longer to witness this spectacle in person.
This show was indeed that and much more as Progress wrestling proved why they are one of the best wrestling companies around today.
The show kicked off with a hard hitting fast paced contest between Paul Robinson and Mike Bird with the ‘Ginger Jesus’ pulling out some awesome high impact moves i thought he would surley defeat the smaller Robinson. But dont be fooled by his size as Robinson is one tough s.o.b and he took everything Bird threw at him and came back for more until he got the upper hand and was able to finish of his foe with a sick curb stomp.

The next contest is something that words can not describe but i will do my best. It was a debut for the tag team of Duggan and Donnelly in Progress and this was quite the introduction for them as they went up against the duo of Jack Sexsmith and his Parnter The Gimp. The match was very entertaining and i was impressed by DnD and look forward to seeing them in the future as for Sexsmith and The gimp or gimps as they did pull the old switch trick as one gimp was down in the ring and with the refs back turned he swapped with another gimp who came out from under the ring. I can understand why people like Sexsmith he is very entertaining with what he does but if you take that away and look at his in ring style he is also a very accomploished wrestler. It was a victory for the debuting team of DnD and i was left feeling very entertained after watching this match.

It was the turn of the women of Progress wrestling and however this contest did not last as long as i thought it might of as Elizabeth made short work of her opponent Bea Priestley by making her tap out.

Then for me was the match of the show in a six man tag match. Sweet Jesus and Damon Moser defeated The Dazzler team and TK Cooper. The one thing i loved about this match was all the diffrent characters on show but then thats the best thing about British Wrestling in genral that American wrestling struggles with creating lots of diffrent unique characters. The match was excellent and showcased the skills of everyone involved. The end of the match saw moser pick up the win after it seemed Pastor william eaver was about to score the victory moser tagged himself in and hit a running knee for the win.

After a short 15 minute break came the contest between The Wild Boar Michael Hitchman and one of the best wrestlers to come out of Portugal The Fantastic David Francisco. This was leading to be a great match until Paul Robinson stuck his nose in and cost The Wild Boar the match by hitting Francisco in the head with a chair shot. Hitchman was furious and tried to seek revenge and he and Robinson brawled and tried to hit each other with a chain only to be pulled apart by the ring crew and others. Then out came Glen who seemed a tad pissed off by the antics of these two and informed everyone that at the next Endvr show the main event will be Paul Robinson vs The Wild Boar in a Chain Match !!!

A Wasteman challenge was up next as The Body Guy Roy Johnson put out a challenge to anyone in the locker room to see if they could beat him in either a wrestling match or a freestyle rap contest. but before anyone could answer him Roy treated us to some of his Rap talent ? Finally out came Kyle Ashmore and a wrestling match took place between the two .The Body Guy was able to defeat Ashmore however after the match it seemed as though Ashmore wanted to show respect to the man that defeated him and he did only to turn around a second later and blast Roy Johnson with a high knee and then he turned his attention to the crowd and told them what he thought of the Progress fans.

The Main Event featured one of the most popular female wreslters around Leva Bates (aka Blue Pants) who came dressed as Kylo Ren for her entrance and she was going against in my opinion one of the best female wrestlers in the country Jinny. This match proved again that womens wrestling is just as good if not at times better than mens wrestling. These two both lived up to the Strong Style that Progress Wrestling is known for as they beat the crap out of each other. Jinny was able to defeat Bates even after Elizabeth refused to aid her by spraying hairspray in the eyes of Bates when the ref was distracted. After the match Jinny berated Elizabteh in the ring and just as it seemed Elizabeth would snap she left the ring only for Jinny to turn around and Leva Bates grabbed her and pulled to the corner and hit a Pepsi Plunge.

WOW i had an amazing time at this show got tickets for SSS16 and it cant come soon enough.


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