Trouble @ Talk 5

imageNCompany: WAW
Show Name: Trouble @ The Talk 5/Academy Show
Venue: The Talk, Norwich
Date: 19/3/16


The first show on today was the Academy Show as some of the young up and coming trainees of WAW got to perform at The Talk for the first time.
This was also my first experience of the very impressive academy that i have heard so many excellent things about. Let me tell you those boasting about the academy have every right too as these guys and girls left me speechless at times.For one thing i was shocked at how young some of these wrestlers were, then i was even more gobsmacked at how talented they all were for their age, some did look slightly nervous but that is to be expected as it takes a lot of guts to get up in front of an audience and perform they all showed real guts just by doing that and have my up most respect for that but after some shakey starts they all found their groove and put on great performances. The talents that really shone in my opinion in this show for me had to be firstly Sonny Smasher this lad is a star in the making he makes things look so easy and not only did he shine in this match but also in the match he had on the main show. The same can be said for all four Battlekats these boys are absolutely fearless the high flying moves they pulled out tonight left me once again gobsmacked and the move one of them pulled of in the main show helped steal the show ! Then there was the two Female wrestlers again the age of these two was one thing that shocked me but the amount of talent and knowledge that both Ellie and Maddison already have it is clear they are both born to do this. Zak Brown really impressed me wow he showed real intensity, he got the crowd behind him and did not back down from the taller more experienced Big J Johnson even though he was defeated he left a lasting impression on me and he is another that will be one to watch. The debuting team of The Foji were entertaining and pulled of a good victory over the very dominant team of Reeves and Keegan. Michael Hart made his debut and showed real promise as he was able to put on a good showing against the very dangerous Kid Kendo but Hart came up short this time against the Dojo member. Jayden Docra showed real smarts against the much bigger Charlie Windosr as he managed to chop him down and work over his knee but Windsor was just to strong for Jayden and he managed to defeat his smaller opponent despite the injury to his knee. Stephen Lang came close to defeating Sonny Smasher but the talent of Smasher would not be denied. Malkay Taggart made short work of Danny Hinnes.
The 10 man rumble was a fun way to end the show and with the chance to be the first entrant in the main show Royal Rumble everyone in the match gave everything they had but it was Drew Marshall who was able to outlast everyone and win the number one spot in the Royal Rumble.

After a short break we were treated to a dark match as Nemesis battled his longtime foe Big J Johnson. This was a back and forth hard hitting contest that could of gone either way but it was Johnson who picked up the win in a very controversial way. When Johnson hit a running knee with Nemesis sat in the corner he dragged him out and pinned him, Nemesis got his foot on the rope but the ref did not see it until after he had counted to three and awarded the match to Big J Johnson

The main show was kicked of with in my opinion was the match that stole the show ! Yes i believe this was the match of the night everyone put their bodies on the line in this contest. The moves that they came up with were not only innovative but at times career shortening. The move that was totally amazing was the 450 spalsh from the smallest of the competitors BattleKat CT if you were not there to witness it just prey this show comes out on DVD as that move and this whole match is not only a contender for match of the night but match of the month possibly match of the year in the whole of British Wrestling and i have seen some very good matches this year and trust me this was just as good if not better than any of those.

The next match was a good tag match between The Midas Mafia and Critical Mass. The Midas showed good tag team skills as they were able to cut the ring in half keeping the smaller Awol in there corner for most of the match. When Titan finally received the tag from his partner he used his massive size and immense power to dominate Valentine and Lekime. Eventually the team from EWW managed to pick up the victory in this contest.

Next was another excellent match from three of the best young wrestlers in the country battled it out to see who the better man was. I was really impressed by all three in this match and will say that all three of these guys could go and wrestle for any promotion in this country and around the world and they all have the talent to succeed. What WAW have here is three very talented individuals and it is no surprise they are champions and it is no surprise that with talent like this WAW is one of the best companies in the world. Nixon, Sabian and Slayer are three names to watch out for in the future.

The WAW World Title was on the line and Zak Knight was lucky to make it out of the match not only w, th his title but his health as it seemed the numbers game would be too much for him. King Kendo and his dojo members constantly distracted the ref so they could double or triple team Zak, hit him with stools, rake his eyes and cheap shot him at every chance they could get. But even after all this and making Kendo tap but the ref was distracted Zak still managed to defeat Kendo two falls to one.

After another short break was another title match this time it was the turn of Roy Knight and he was up against Luke Hawx and like i predicted this was indeed a hard hitting, fast paced, action packed match that had me on the edge of my seat. The crowd was firmly behind their fellow country man and home town hero but unfortunately there was another poor decision by the ref in this crucial contest as after Hawx had pinned Knight from a title shot when the ref was knocked down. Knight managed to get his foot on the rope but the ref did not see it and awarded the match and title to Luke Hawx. Not only did this decision infuriate the whole crowd it seemed that Sweet Saraya was not going to let this match end like this. However she was met with a verbal onslaught by Hawx which as we all know is not the best idea as Saraya leapt in to the ring and got up in Hawx face and slapped the taste out of his cocky mouth. But then things turned real bad as Hawx is known for being unstable at the best of times and he punched Saraya in the face and kncoked her out. Well you can imagine what happend next i thought there was going to be a riot and Hawx would need a police escort out of the country. But first he had to get past the rest of the Knight family and first came the Head, the Legend, the Rowdy One Ricky Knight and he managed to get in some heavy blows but he was cut off with a low blow the out came the WAW champion and he too out Hawx but only to be attacked from behind by King Kendo and now it seems at the next TV taping there will be an 8 person tag team match as the Knight family will go up against Luke Hawx and The Kendo Dojo. Roy wants them inside a steal cage and i think Zak wantsd them in a Street fight either match will be amazing and i cant wait for i got my ticket for that show and i cant wait.

Zak then grabbed the mic and had one more thing to say. Yesterday the Knight Family went to visit an 11 year old Ozzie at Watford Hospital Ozzie is suffering from Terminal cancer and as a gesture and once again showing how loving and big hearted they are the Knight family will be running a charity event in April and all the proceeds will go to a fund set up for Ozzie i believe. On the show they will be having a Very Special Guest and Returning for One Night Only The Anti Diva its PAIGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last match of the night was a grueling 35 man Royal Rumble match in which Ruffneck was able to outlast everyone in suspicious circumstances however win if you can cheat if you must as the great Bobby Heenan used to say and that is what Ruffneck did as he is now the number one contender for the WAW British Heavyweight Championship and still the number one most hated person in Norwich.

Wow what a day been a rollercoaster of emotions and an amazing, Entertaining show Thankyou to everyone at WAW you nce agian proved why you are up with the best companies in this country and the world.
If you have never been to a WAW show before and are now considering it why are you considering it you fool ? Go to now and get tickets for their next show you wont regret it.


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