Revolution Pro Wrestling
Uprising 2016
York Hall
Bethnal Green


The hype and build up to the main event was reason enough to attend this show but when you look at the rest of this card you know you are in for a very entertaining night of Pro Wrestling.

While the main event did have a great story behind it i felt there were other matches that made this show one of the best this year in British wrestling.

Jay White defeated Josh Bodom in a great opening contest this was fast paced, hard hitting match that never had a dull moment. This match could of ended so many times Bodom hit a pendulum piledirver wit White suspended on the second rope White’s head was driven in to the mat but some how he managed to kick out. Bodom looked to finish Jay White with a series of kicks to the head but White caught Bodom’s leg and locked in the Lion tamer and Bodom quickly tapped out.

After Sha Samuels attacked Damo from behind at Summer Sizzler it was expected that this match would take place at some point and to say this was a match is an understatement as the more precise word to describe this would be a Battle between The Beast and The Butcher. As soon as the two met the fight was on and Damo began gaining some revenge on Sha by throwing him around the outside of the ring then hitting an awesome rolling senton with Sha prone against the steal barrier and nearly tore the house down !! Sha had to rely on every trick he had up his sleeve to gain any advantage but every time he was cut off by the power of Damo. Everyone was impressed with the resilience of Sha Samuels and after the ref was knocked down he found the opportunity to wrap his scarf around the neck of Damo and then he cover that up with a sleeper hold and with the scarf restricting Damo’s breathing he had no choice but to tap out.

The British Young Bloods were victorious in impressive fashion against Ryan Smile and his surprise partner ‘The Dare Wolf’ PJ Black. The team of Smile and Black teaming for the first time really gelled well and both were very impressive and came very close on more than one occasion to winning the match. However McCluskey and The Bruce put on an awesome performance and after hitting a discus clothesline into a release German Suplex they are surely in line for a shot at the tag team titles.

The match of the night in more than one persons opinion after witnessing this contest between The Villain and Hero i believe this should be a contender for match of the year. The advantage clearly went to Hero as he was the bigger of the two and had the experience as well but that did not stop Scurll from testing the resolve of Hero. Marty clearly had a game plan to target the arm of Hero to not only weaken it for the Chicken wing but to lessen the strength of the blows that the knock out artist can deliver. Well Marty tried his best but he fell victim to many knockout shots but he somehow kept getting back up until Hero hit the killer move a Piledriver from the second rope that could of very easily ended the career of Scurll but there was no chance of Marty kicking out of that but he did gain even more respect from the fans and even respect from Chris Hero.

Ricochet returned to Rev Pro to do battle with Pete Dunne in an excellent match that proved Dunne is improving with every match he is also on the way to being one of the best in the country and that Ricochet is one of the best in the world at the moment and has a very bright future. Dunne came very close to winning the match but he like many before could not cope with the agility of Ricochet and after a 630 degree senton splash it was all over.

The British Heavyweight Championship was on the line and many thought we would witness the crowning of a new champion as Jeff Cobb absolutely dominated the current champion Zack Sabre Junior for the majority of this contest but some how ZSJ managed to find a way to fight back against the former Olympian Wrestler and when he delivered three Soccer kicks he was able to keep Cobb down for the 3 count. After the contest the crowd seemed to turn on Sabre Junior and gave a lot of appreciation to Cobb after he gave another amazing performance in an RPW ring.

The reason many were in attendance was for this one match between Vader and Will Ospreay. Getting to meet the legend himself and then him shaking my hand and having a few words with me on his way to the ring as i showed my support for Will by flipping off Vader all in good spirits though as he still is a legend and its good to see his still able to put on a match and tell a story better than many out there today at his age that is dam impressive so he deserves a lot of credit for that. Will gave another excellent performance and proved that he is not just about ‘flips and shit’ he knows how to tell a story and he put his body on the line in this tale and it was a masterpiece that had a tragic ending as the Man they call Vader proved that he is still capable of getting the job done with a bit of help from Pete Dunne and even with Ricochet coming to the aid of Ospreay after getting jumped from the start by Vader and choke slammed through the announce table from the stage then the interference of Dunne and another two Choke slams one of which Will kicked out of at the count of one but after the second it was all over to the displeasure of many in attendance including yours truly.

Another amazing show by RPW cant wait for the next one


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