Smackdown 16/08/2016

So this was the so called ‘Go Home’ Show for Summerslam in my opinion they played it very safe and it turned out to be a mediocre show at best.

The opening segment with Bryan and Shane in the back is already getting stale as it seems that its the same thing every week starting the show the only saving grace was Slater who in my opinion has been one of a few to benefit from this Brand split.

Like all the other talk shows that have been done over the years Miz TV is just another cheap and badly produced rip off of Piper’s Pit. You would think with the resources the WWE have at their disposal they would be able to build a set or something like that to help make these Talk shows better if done properly they can really help get people over with the audience. What they had on today’s show was plain there was just another promo between Dean and Ziggler while it was good they have been saying and doing the same thing for the past three weeks now surely one creative ‘Genius’ they have working there could of come up with something with a bit more heat okay Ziggler hit a superkick but that does nothing for the story  now this should of happened two weeks ago.

Why have Crews come out during the break not really making this feud seem all that important that they have no real TV time to get Crews over if anyone can do it its The Miz but a 30 second segment is doing nothing to help build towards the match or the character of Crews.

I must say i like the look of the Tag Team division on Smackdown the showcase they put on today was not the best of matches but i did enjoy the fast paced finish. Thinking of the possible feuds between teams like The Usos and American Alpha are very interesting to me once the titles are on the scene it will only get better.

The new entrance of Naomi was interesting i think it would be better if she lost the bag and throwing things to the fans and concentrate on dancing as that is what she is very talented at. The story of Eva Marie is excellent in my opinion she is getting heat with out doing anything in the ring which is what they needed as while she is Hot and looks like a star she is not the most gifted when it comes to athleticism so this works as long as they can come up with diffrent ways of doing what they are doing and it doesn’t get stale.

So they announced that Curt Hawkins is coming back and no one really cares because no one cared when he was in the WWE before.

Slater stole the show in my opinion he took an absolute beat from Orton then his performance  backstage was the funniest thing on the show he is easily the most entertaining  wrestler on the show.

Ambrose defeated Rowan in a match that did nothing to help anyone involved in fact it only hurt the characters of Bray and Rowan they are the ones who need help to be built up again but it seems the champion who is already over needs a win that means nothing to his character.

The women on smackdown seem to get more time as they had another match and the story of Eva and Naomi followed through to this match as finally Eva (who had been stuck in traffic and missed her match against Naomi) arrived and interfered in the tag match between Natalya and Bliss vs Lynch and Carmella only to be chased of by Naomi  and now all six will be in a tag match at Summerslam so good for them.

Same as last week Kalisto got beaten down by Corbin backstage again it would be nice if they could try something diffrent than the same thing every week.

The main event was a good match between Cena and del Rio both have a ton of critics but both are excllent at putting on an exciting contest and this while it may not of been their best work it was passable. The ending of the show was not what i would of done as i believe heading in to a bif show the heel needs as much heat on him as possible but they chose for him to lose it all when cena put him through a table.

So not a good show thats two weeks in a row if they have another bad show next week im done with Smackdown as well but i will still do the PPVs unless they have three bad ones in a row the same goes for NXT and TNA, i will follow the whole of CWC to support the three Brits in the contest and i will always be doing reviews of shows from my favourite companies in the UK.wwe-smackdown-live-logo-450x270



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