ICW Scotchtoberfest

The road to Fear and Loathing IX stopped at the Brooklyn Bowl O2 Greenwich London for what was an immense night of first class wrestling.

The one noticeable difference from every other ICW show that has taken place in London was the attendance it was with out doubt lower than they have had from previous shows in London. There are of course many reasons for the lower attendance like it being Guy Fawkes Night or maybe the other wrestling shows taking place next week in London or the WWE being over here and maybe some fans are going to Fear and Loathing in a few weeks ?

With the announcement that Grado would not be on the show was of course a negative and then Galloway not able to wrestle due to injury was another blow so the card had to be changed but for me it was just as entertaining as any ICW show I have been too.

The show kicked off with a short fast paced contest as a now beardless Bram defeated Kenny Williams. The Size and Strength of Bram was just too much for the agile and highflying Williams to deal with and after Bram spiked Kenny with a sick Piledriver it was all over and Bram walked away victorious.

The ‘East End Butcher’ Sha Samuels
was without doubt a huge fan favourite. The Londoner was going up against the Zero G Champion Lionheart in a non title London Street Fight. Both guys delivered a fantastic contest with some exciting moments that saw them brawl all over the Brooklyn Bowl. Sha was able to pick up the victory to the delight of everyone in attendance. However one person did not seem to pleased to see the Butcher winning this contest was Kid Fite who attacked his former tag partner now his bitter rival. Fite and Lionheart proceeded to beat down Sha and then drag him out from ringside to the backstage area.

Kid Fite was then in the ring awaiting his opponent and he did not have to wait very long as the number one contender for the ICW Heavyweight Championship Trent Seven made his way to the ring shaking hands with everyone in the first row and ringside. This was a very hard hitting contest Trent Seven has got the sickest chops I have ever seen, the sound they make are spine tingling I can not imagine the pain Kid Fite was in after receiving a ridiculous amount of these devastating blows. Being front row for this match delivered one scary moment when Trent and Fite were both perched on the top rope Trent turned and looked down at us and told us to Move then with that the ring crew pushed the barrier forward and we were crammed in this tiny corner awaiting the fall of both these two competitors right on front of us. Thankfully Kid Fite was able to stop the attempted Suplex to the outside by Trent Seven and duplexes him back in to the ring. The match ended with Trent hitting a spinning Piledriver and picking up another victory on his quest to become to next ICW Champion.
The war between The New Aged Kliq and The Filthy Generation continued with a tag team match. I was seriously impressed with Kay Lee Ray who took and dished out a lot of punishment in this match showing that she more than deserved her spot in the PWI Women’s top 50. The match after being very entertaining was cut short thanks to the interference from Black Label Members Drew Galloway, Jack Jester and Bram they with Stevie Boy and Kay Lee Ray delivered a ferocious beating too Chris Renfrew and his NAK brother BT Gunn who were left lying in a heap in the middle of the ring as Galloway addressed the crowd about the upcoming match at Fear and Loathing where two teams of Five will battle for full control of the company and after the 20th November either Mark Dallas will get his company back or Red Lighting will have full control of Insane Championship Wrestling.

After a short interval the next match saw the ICW Tag Team Champions face off with arguably the best Tag Team in the UK The London Riots. Polo Promotions showed on this night as they have so many times before that they are one of the best tag teams of this generation by defeating The Riots in a fantastic tag team contest when Jackie Polo lifted up James Davis and then Mark Coffey hit an elevated German Suplex it was another victory for the Champs as they prepare to face one of the best tag teams of all time Team 3D aka The Dudley Boys at Fear and Loathing IX.

Another action packed match full of run ins and a massive statement was made during the match between Jack Jester and Joe Hendry. It seemed that with Drew Galloway in his corner distracting and interfering when he could it would only be a matter of time before Jester would defeat Joe Hendry and this victory seemed to be sealed for Jester when Davey Boy hit the ring to attack his former tag partner but just when he was going to hit his now rival out came the boss Mark Dallas and nailed Davey with a golf club and escaped through the crowd this was a big enough distraction for the members of the Black Label and Hendry was able to pick up the win over Jack Jester. Then Dallas and Hendry made their way to the bar and they celebrated Stone Cold Style to the annoyance of Galloway, Jester and Davey.

Matt Cross ( aka Son of Havoc) defeated Joe Coffey in what was in my opinion the match of the night. This was the second time these two have fought inside an ICW ring and they are now tied one win each and I think it will only be a matter of time before we see the third instalment of this epic battle.

The main event saw the return of Jimmy Havoc to ICW after a lengthy time out injured Havoc in my opinion seems better than ever as he took the ICW Champion to his limit in a non title match. This was an awesome contest that saw some amazing spots one being when Havoc was thrown by Wolfgang from a gorilla press position from the ring and chucked into the crowd wiping out all the ring crew and a couple of fans. Wolfgang was victorious and after the match he grabbed a mic and called out Trent Seven and he did not want to wait for Fear and Loathing when these two will collide inside a cage for the ICW Championship. Wolfgang was able to get the upper hand after a brawl broke out after he hit a power bomb and then he knocked out Trent with his Brass Knucks.
When Trent came around after Wolfgang had left he had the last word by declaring he guarantees he will become the new champion at Fear & Loathing IX.

This was another great show to add to all that I have attended for this company. I would highly recommend going to an ICW show if you have never been to one before it is a great experience and one that you will want to repeat over and over again.


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