Progress Wrestling Chapter 36: We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Room Again O2 Academy Brixton 25/9/16


I must say it was quite a sight to behold, 2,progressbrixton400 wrestling fans filled up the Brixton Academy and the atmosphere was amazing throughout.

Atlas Championship Tournament Final

Rampage Brown def Joe Coffey

The show began with the finals of The Atlas Tournament. The reception for both finalists was excellent but Rampage Brown was the clear favourite with the fans over Joe Coffey. The match was a great way to finish what has been a very entertaining tournament. The hard hitting contest could off gone either way The Iron Man showed his unbelievable power that nearly was the answer to him being champion but the brute force of Rampage Brown was the key in this contest.

Jinny, Alex Windsor & Dahlia Black def Laura Di Matteo, Nixon Newell and Pollyanna

Chaotic is an understatement when it comes to describing this match. It was a great advertisement for what is to come with the next Natural Progression Tournament to crown a Women’s Champion. Every single combatant put on a very impressive showing but it was the one person that draws a lot of hatred from the fans, Jinny scored the decisive pin fall to claim victory for her team.

The next match between Sebastian and The Pastor William Eaver was stopped after the first blow due to a very scary injury suffered by Sebastian. It was a clothesline from Pastor straight from the off that seemed to knockout Seb before he even hit the mat. The Pastor covered him, the ref went to count and got to two and stopped when by this time both Bill and the ref knew something was seriously wrong. The ring crew rushed to the back to get Paramedics who were on the scene with in an instant and did a fantastic job getting Sebastian on to a spinal board then on to a stretcher. Thankfully we were given the news later in the show that Sebastian was up an moving around but this just goes to show what risk these performers take every time they step inside a ring.

There was no question that the incident before took the air out of the atmosphere as everyone seemed more concerned with Sebastian’s health and rightly so. The next match I think struggled to get some fans fully invested as everyone was obviously more concerned with what had just happened but without a doubt the professionalism of all four men to go out there and be able to put a match on after witnessing what had happened to one of their friends must of been difficult to say the least.

Progress Tag Team Championship

British Strong Style def The London Riots

I was very impressed yet again with the team work of Trent Seven and Pete Dunne after only the second time these two have teamed up they seemed like they had been working as a team for years. The Riots are one of if not the best teams in the UK but after this match there could be another team that could claim that moniker. This was a very violent contest but that was to be expected if you had seen any of these four men perform before. Both teams took every chance they could to be champions but it was The British Strong Style that took the opportunity that counted and became the new tag team champions to the shock of many in attendance.

Two out of Three Falls
Zack Sabre Jnr def Tommaso Ciampa
The third and possibly last time these two met in a Progress Ring was a wrestling master class. Both proved why they are two of the hottest prospects in wresting proved why as the first fall took a long time to come after so many stiff shots, submission attempts, amazing reversals of moves that would amazed everyone in attendance. When the first fall came it was a double pin with both men’s shoulders pinned to the mat.
The third fall seemed to be something that no one in attendance wanted to see as this match was something everyone never wanted to end but it did seem that many wanted Ciampa to be victorious on his last match in Progress but he was so close but The Technical Wizard showed why he is just that as he was able to defeat the departing Psycho Killer.

If The Origin Lose They Must Disband

The Origin Defeated FSU, Damon Moser and Jack Gallagher

They may be one of the best heel factions in the country but they are without a doubt the most entertaining. The promo before the start of this match from The Origin and everything that happened at the same time as it was going in was comedic gold. The toilet paper being thrown in instead if streamers was hilarious as the ring filled with toilet paper as Gibson tried his best to introduce himself , Mastiff and Ligero sold to the toilet paper tripping up, falling over then both doing a great impression of a tortoise on its back I was in stitches as were most of the audience. The match was a complete war as they tore through the Brixton Academy taking some very high risks to be victorious but even though this was Gallagher’s last match along with the Welsh duo Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis plus Damon Moser this exciting team gave their all to end the Origin but it was not to be as this cunning unit continues to plague Progress Wrestling.

Progress Championship

Mark Haskins def Marty Scurll and Tommy End

This was and should of been the best match on of the whole card and is another contender for Match of the Year. It was a fast paced action packed contest from start to finish that saw each man come ever so close to winning only to be denied. Scurll became so angry at one point that he took out all the refs in attendance then some of the ring crew he only stopped for a second by owner Jim Smallman who got in the ring to try and calm Scurll however this may not of been the best choice Jim has made as The Villain was going to take his anger out on him but just as he was about to strike a very familiar piece of music rang out through the Academy and sent everyone in attendance into a frenzy as Jimmy Havoc returned to Progress. He confronted Marty and hit him with his Acid Rainmaker clothesline. Then it was the perfect opportunity for both Haskins and End to win. It was Haskins who was able to gain the advantage and made Scurll tap out and became The New Progress Champion.

Then after all was said and done there was a very emotional farewell to three of the best to ever grace an independent wrestling ring as Tommy End, Tommaso Ciampa and Jack Gallagher are off to the WWE and they are going to be missed but they will be doing as proud as they take the Main stage over.


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