Progress Wrestling Super Strong Style 16 2016

The Super Strong Style 16 tournament was in my opinion the best show this year in wrestling it had more than everything you could ask for from multiple contenders for match of the year, some great dramatic storylines, hilarious comedy moments and an awesome crowd atmosphere who appreciated everything the performers did over these two epic days from Progress Wrestling.

Day One
The first day consisted of two tales firstly sixteen men battled to get a spot in the quarter finals. Haskins and Dunne had a very good wrestling match and Dunne was caught in an arm lock and he had to submit, a Death Valley Driver from whiplash finished of Moser after a brutal contest, Gibson locked the Shankley gates on the very agile Kenny Williams, TK Cooper was more interested in the antics of Dahlia Black and this cost him dearly when he was caught in the corner blowing her kisses Gallagher nailed him with a corner drop kick for the victory.

The best big men in the world beat the crap out of each other and Walter was able to some how mange to make Mastiff one of the hardest men in the game tap out, the heart of Andrews was commendable but some of the shots he received from the knock out artist Chris Hero should of put him out for good but he would not stay down until he was hit with a tombstone that Mark Andrews could not get up from, Rampage and End had a great hard hitting match that could of gone either way but when End kicked Rampage and knocked him out it was over for Brown. The main story of day one came in the main event as finally the home town heroes overcame the dastardly team of The Origin. But it was never going to be an easy task as Cruz and Ligero played every trick in the book even getting help from fellow origin teammates but The London Riots had their own friends in the shape of Damon Moser who set his sights on Mastiff and they brawled to the back leaving Cruz and Ligero in the ring with The Riots. But still more tricks came like taking out referees to deliberately get disqualified. After two slingshot spears and then one off the tope rope and finally the fans got their wish as the scourge of Progress Wrestling the Origin were defeated and your New Progress Tag Team Champions The London Riots !!!!!!!!!!!!

Day Two
The first story of the day came before the show had even started as the news of Haskins being taken ill had spread throughout the fans before kick-off and to decide who would take his place Jim announced an eight man scramble match to decide who would be in the quarter final spot vacated by Haskins. The match consisted of everyone who had lost the previous day in the first round and the former disgruntled tag champs entered themselves in to the contest and it was the man who showed real heart and a never say die attitude that won this fast paced contest and moving on to the quarter finals was mark Andrews. Being a smart veteran of the ring whiplash took the opportunity to start his Quarter final match early but it was he who was surprised by Andrews with a crucifix pin and Andrews was some how in the Semi Final and the crowd went ballistic at this achievement. At times hilarious but then very serious this match was also the best pure wrestling match of the whole two days in my opinion as jack Gallagher squared of with Zack Gibson and Gallagher came close on more than one occasion but when Gibson finally managed to lock the Shankley Gates on Jack it was not long before he had to give up. The best big man match I have ever seen from these two talented Big Men was amazing the shots that Walter took from Hero where sickening but he would not go down until Hero hit a under hook piledriver for the win. These two beat the hell out of each other for the last spot in the semi finals it was a shame that both these guys could not move on to the next round but it was the Lethal Weapons that are Tommy End’s Feet that was the deciding factor in the best match of the Quarter Finals against Sami Callihan.

Both Semi Final matches were equally as awesome as the other please I cant pick which was better please you try Hero and End pulled out some of the most sickening knockout shots I have ever seen and the piledriver from the top rope from hero nearly Ended End’s career but some how these two managed to keep getting up every time they got knocked down until yet again those educated feet of Tommy End got him to the finals. Equally as good was the Cinderella story of Mark Andrews who was given a second chance due to Haskins being taken ill. I loved the drama of this match and yet again Andrews some how manages to win against the much bigger more powerful Gibson who dominated the majority of the match even after interference from Mastiff.

The street fight between The Dazzler Team and Sweet Jesus was a match between two very talented tag teams and the added bonus for the winners was a shot at the tag titles was even more incentive but Sweet Jesus also had revenge in mind but this was not to be their day as the crafty Dazzler team walked away victorious and the new number one contenders for the tag team titles.

The most hilarious moment of the whole weekend was the hilarious Wasteman Challenge segment between Roy Johnson and Eddie Dennis that had everyone in attendance in stitches with their behaviour. Both very entertaining characters who added to a brilliant show.

The final match of the day capped of a fabulous two days of Wrestling and these two both deserved to be in this spot and neither man disappointed and I for one would of been happy with either person winning but I’m Glad that End will get one more shot at Scurll’s title even after Whiplash tried to yet again cost him his chance but he got knocked out for his efforts. When End’s foot then connected with Mark Andrews chin the match was over and the crowd yet again exploded and paid respect to both competitors and everyone involved for what was a brilliant Chapter for PROGRESS Wrestling

Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Progress Wrestling and see you at 5000 to 1.


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