Ring of Honor Reach For The Sky Tour York Hall Bethnal Green, London 20/11/16

Finally the promotion many consider to be number two in America returned to the UK and we were able to be present for the final show at the historic York Hall.

This show was amazing from start to finish there was no match that I did not enjoy and to pick a match of the night was almost an impossible task.

The show began with what for me was a perfect advertisement for what ROH has to offer. There was highflying, hard hitting, breathtaking moments and a few comedic spots that made this match the best way to kick of this show. I was thoroughly impressed with the speed of Lio Rush however I was more impressed with Dalton Castle this guy is a born entertainer. He can make you laugh one moment then shock you with his in ring ability the next. The finish of the match saw Castle hit Rush with his finisher named Bangarang and got the pin.

The second match of the night saw two of the best tag teams in the world go head to head as Motor City Machine Guns defeated Addiction. These two teams are better than they have ever been and this contest proved that as both put together a master class in tag team wrestling. While the Addiction came close on more than one occasion to win the match, it was the Machine Guns that were able to score the pin fall.

I was highly impressed with the agility of Donavan Dijak. For a guy his size he moves around the ring like he should be a lot smaller. Then when you add in his size and strength he is clearly going to be a big deal in the future and he defiantly made an impression on this night as he went one on one with Jay White in an outstanding contest between these two. Just like Dijak it will only be a matter of time before White will be a Main Event Player. In the end it was White who was able to pick up the victory in this contest.

What was meant to be two single matches became one tag team match as another two teams that are arguably the best two tag teams in the world today put together a show stealer of a match. The Young Bucks and The Briscoes have too be two of the most exciting tag teams to watch and they did not disappoint anyone in attendance. This match was insane as both teams did not slow down from the moment the bell rang right up to when the match was over, it showed the immense fitness levels of all four men in this contest. The double team moves they pulled of were absolutely breathtaking and who doesn’t love a Super Kick Party on a Sunday ? This match blew me away and proved that the ROH tag team division is by far the best on the planet. The Briscoes thought they had won the tag titles after they defeated the Bucks with a Doomsday Device but they had to be informed by Nigel McGuinnes that this match was in fact a non title match so The Young Bucks are still Ring Of Honor tag team champions for now but that could change in just a few weeks when these two teams battle again this time with the belts on the line.

The number one contender to the Ring Of Honor World title proved why he is the next in line as Kyle O’Reily defeated the impressive Travis Banks by making him tap out. Banks also put on a great showing in this contest as he was able to match Kyle with every stiff shot that was thrown by his opponent. But in the end O’Reily was victorious and seems even more determined to dethrone the World Champion Adam Cole ‘BAY BAY’ when they collide.

Marty Scurll and Will Ospreay have had arguably the best year in both of their careers this year and it all started with a 5 star match in January at the York Hall. On this night these two put on a match that easily equaled that one if not surpassed it and the added bonus of it being for the Ring Of Honor TV Title gave it even more importance. This for me was the match of the night but only because of the story that has been told between these two over this year and it coming back to where it began in the York Hall. The noise level for this match was on another level and so was the action inside the ring as these two yet again proved how good British Wrestling is. The finish blew the roof of the joint as the fans went crazy after the Villain Marty Scurll was able to lock in his Chicken Wing and finally make Ospreay tap out and take the TV Title away from his bitter rival. I’m sure this won’t be the last we see these two tremendous athletes compete against each other but on this night they told one hell of a story that will be another great chapter in the book of the rivalry between The Aerial Assassin and The Villain.

The main event was a battle for the Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Championship as the former champ Jay Lethal attempted to regain the title from the man that took it from him Bullet Club member Adam Cole ‘Bay Bay’. This match could of been over in an instant as Lethal hit his Handspring Cutter but Adam Cole ‘Bay Bay’ was able to roll out of the ring. The pace and intensity stayed at a very high level throughout the entire contest and there were countless near fall attempts. Adam Cole ‘ Bay Bay’ was finally able to defeat Jay Lethal with a Fireman’s Carry neck breaker and yet again Adam Cole ‘Bay Bay’ was able to retain his title.

This was an amazing show and all I can say is PLEASE COME BACK !!!!!


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