WAW Epic TV Tapings 14/5/16

Show Two

WAW World Championship
Luke Hawx defeated Mitchell Starr

Starr answered the open challenge set by Hawx. Mitchell really impressed everyone in this contest as he took Hawx to the limit and it seemed at one point that he may be able to achieve the improbable in becoming the new champion however the experience of the Champion was the deciding factor in this excellent contest that proved Mitchell Starr not only has a very bright future but he already is one of the best young wreslters in the whole country. This was exactly what was said by Anderson who came out after the match to challenge Hawx to a match in the future.

Aaron Frost defeated Joe E Legend

Another big win for Frost, over the two shows Aaron Frost has with out question been one of the most impressive wrestlers on the two shows. He once again was able to hit his awesome TKO to pick up the win over veteran and former WWE superstar Joe E Legend.

Skies the Limit Match
Villman defeated Jonny Storm, Hot Stuff, PJ Knight, Ricky Knight Jnr, Max Peach, Drew Marshall, Grayson Reeves, Awol and Brad O’Brien.

A contract for a shot at the Lightweight Championship was on the line in this amazing high risk encounter every contestant put their bodies through unreal punishment to get the chance to fight for the title. This was a great showcase for all the young talent on the Roster and i was also impressed by the two veterans in this match as nostalgia kicked in i was pulling for Hot Stuff or Storm to get another shot at gold but it was the crafty Villman who grabbed the contract and has ninety days to cash it in.

Mr Anderson defeated Bubblegum
This in my opinion was the most Entertaining and hilarious match of the whole day. Bubblegum went to attack Anderson from behind while he was doing Anderson introduced himself but Anderson caught him and the comedy began from then and continued throughout the whole match. It was an excellent match and i for one was in laughing the whole way through especially when Bubblegum had his own balled up piece of taped that he had spat on and rubbed on his genitals but as he went to hit Anderson with it Anderson reversed it and forced Bubblegum to put it in his own mouth. After Anderson hit the Mic Check it was all over. This was an excellent entertaining match from both these guys.

Essex Boys defeated Critical Mass
The very crafty team from Essex used all their know how to achieve victory via disqualification in this brilliant tag team match. It seemed as though the Power, Size and overall Mass of their opponents would be too much for Tyrell and Powers too overcome but they showed why they have been one of the best tag teams in the country by winning at any means possible. This time after The Essex boys had used one of the steal helmets of Critical Mass to take out one half of their opponents. Dominator had enough of the dirty tactics and used the helmet to take out both of the Essex boys however he was disqualified for his actions.

Erik Isakson 15 minute time limit draw with Nathan Cruz

A great match as once again the story of UK vs Norway continued in this brilliant match up both men would not be denied neither wanted to lose as they new they were representing their respective countries and it was that patriotism that would not let either man give in as the bell rang for the end of the match the two men had to be pulled apart on a few occasions before they could get them out of the ring and to the back.

Xpac and Aaron Sharpe defeated Scott Fusion and Sonny Smasher
I dont think Xpac could of chosen a better partner for this match than The Lion Aaron Sharpe his power and physic are both really impressive and he was able to with stand a lot of punishment from Fushion and Smasher who were very impressive in this match especially Smasher who is another one who could be one of the best this country has produced in a long time. But once Sharpe managed to get the tag to Xpac he came in on fire and blazed through his opponents and hit the X-factor for the win and showed that he indeed has Still Got It.

Kendo Dojo (King Kendo, Ninja, Kid Kendo and Sam Knee) defeated The Midas Stable ( Robin Lekime, Tony Valentine, SAS and Big J Johnson)

What was an excellent day for Kendo after he had already defeated Anderson in the first show got even better has he carried his team to victory over the Midas Stable who had tasted defeat for the second time on this day. The blame seemed to lay at the feet of Johnson. When he got the tag in to the match he didn’t even last a minute against Kendo and the match was over as the rest of the two teams battled on the outside. It seems as though the Midas stable are falling apart fast what can Tommy Lee do to stop this from happening ?

Number One Contender for the WAW British Heavyweight Championship

Doug Williams defeated Peter Nixon and Robbie Dynamite.

This was a great triple threat match as all three men fought for the dubious prize of facing the new champ Ruffneck in the future and that did not seem to stop any of these three men from pulling out all the stops to win but it was Doug Williams who was victorious in this contest but the more concerning factor was the injury picked up by the hugley talented and fan favourite Peter Nixon i just hope that he is okay as he once again impressed everyone in this match and belongs at the top of any promotion in the country.

Unification of WAW & RQW Tag Team Championship
The UK Hooligans defeated Special Edition

This for me was with out doubt the best match of the whole day as two of the best tag teams in the country squared of against each other. The speed and agility of Special Edition was so impressive and they came so close on more than one occasion at defeating the Hooligans i thought it may of been over when Kip Sabian pulled of the Move of the Day when he hit Zak with a springboard Hurricanrana that even had Roy chanting ‘That was Awesome’. But yet again the hooligans proved why they are not only the best tag team in the country but in my opinion and in the opinion of many others they Are The Best Tag Team In The World. They hit an awesome Doomsday device on Kip Sabian and picked up the win to end what was one of the best days in British Wrestling History.

Thankyou to everyone at WAW for a great day.


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