Show One

Kip Sabian defeated Mr Williams, Vilman, Bill Duffy, Ricky Knight Jnr and Jonny Storm.

There could not of been a better way to start this show than to have these six top talents showcase their skills in this contest. This was a fast paced, action packed match that was hard to keep track off what was going on at times as there was so much going on between all six guys. They all put there bodies on the line to try and come out on top pulling off some awesome high risk moves but it was Kip Sabian who was victorious in this match as he hit his double foot stomp of the top rope that he has named ‘Avada Kedavra’ on Williams for the win.

Aaron Frost defeated Nathan Cruz

An excellent wrestling match between to of the best young wrestlers in Europe. Cruz had the support of the fans in this contest as he battled against Norway native Frost and for all the support Cruz had it was not to be as Frost hit a perfect TKO for the win.

WAW British Heavyweight Championship
Ruffneck defeated Brad Slayer

He said he would do it and he did. Ever since winning the Rumble at the Talk Ruffneck made a Promise that he would become champion and leave Brad Slayer laying in the ring and he did just that. It was a very scary moment after Slayer took a back drop from Ruffneck he landed on his head and that knocked him out and it seemed he had suffered a neck injury. Ruffneck did not care about this and instructed the ref to count out Slayer and the New WAW British Heavyweight Champion Ruffneck. Slayer had to be slowly helped out of the ring by the ring crew who did a brilliant job in making sure he was okay before moving him to the back.

Robbie Dynamite defeated Erik Isaksen

Two of Europe’s best traveled veterans squared off in a hard hitting match both used all there experience and know how to try and win but when Dynamite locked in his submission move it was not long before Isaksen tapped.

King Kendo defeated Mr Anderson

After attacking Anderson from behind to start the match Kendo dominated most of this contest with his Size, Power and very surprising agility being to much for Anderson to deal with. However Anderson did battle back and it seemed he may be able to over come Kendo but the deciding factor was again to power of Kendo as he splashed Anderson for the win.

Bubblegum defeated Roy Knight

This was a brilliant match between two of the best wrestlers the UK has to offer. This match was fast paced, hard hitting and had that comedy value that makes a good match that much more Entertaining. It seemed that Roy Knight would pick up the victory in this contest as he had an answer for everything that Bubblegum could throw at him but he did not expect what lengths Bubblegum would go to to win as the ‘ Dirty Rascal’ hit the ref from behind and when the ref came too he thought it was Roy and disqualified him and declared Bubblegum the winner.

Xpac, Doug Williams & Joe E Legend defeated The Midas Stable (Robin Lekime, Tony Valentine & Bash)

The three Veterans of the ring took the Midas Stable back to school as they taught them a valuable lesson in Respect. It was just to much for the team of Lekime, Bash and Valentine to take and when Xpac hit the X-Factor on Valentine it was all over.

Unification of WAW & RQW Heavyweight Championships Match
Luke Hawx defeated Zak Knight

This was most definitely the most shocking moment for the whole weekend as ‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight turned his back on his son and his whole Family. This was with out question the best match from show one as both these two put together and excellent hard hitting contest and both hitting very impressive high impact moves and with so many near falls it was tough to decide who would win. But when the ref was inadvertently knocked out The Rowdy One made his way to the ring with a steal chair in hand. First he smashed the chair across the back of Hawx then he hugged his son, as Zak turned his back on his father Ricky swung the chair again but this time he hit his own son deliberately on the back then he pulled Luke Hawx on top of him and ordered the ref to count the pinfall and the new Undisputed WAW Heavyweight Champion of the World Luke Hawx.

Straight after the match Ricky grabbed the mic and voiced his reasons for his dastardly actions. He has had enough of his sons being given everything including the 48% stake Zak has in the company, he is also sick of being known as Paige’s Dad this was a brilliant segment with so much Drama that makes for an excellent story line for the TV Show. In my opinion this could have the potential to be one of the best storys in the whole of pro wrestling at the moment.

A great start to the weekend Show one was Excellent in my opinion . The Review of Show Two will be up very soon.wawtv1wawtvwawtv2wawtv3


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