Cast Members announced for The Knight Family Film

The News broke a few days ago that The Rock along with Stephen Merchant and Seven Bucks Promotions will be making a film about the lives of one of the most influential British Wrestling Families ‘The Knight Family’. Since the announcement everyone has been contemplating who  would take up the roles of Ricky Knight, Saraya Knight, Paige, Roy and Zak. Now the announcments have been made and we now know who will be playing the parts of Ricky, Saraya, Zak and Paige. One being a member of the Game of Thrones cast and we could not think of a more fitting person to play Saraya Knight.

Cersei Lannister is one mother you don’t wanna mess with and the same can be said for Saraya and that is why we think the producers cast Lena Headey in the role of Paige’s Mum.

Funny Man Nick Frost (the fat one from Hot Fuzz) is taking up the role of Ricky Knight the Matriarch of The Knight Family. Another brilliant choice and Frost may be able to bring a touch of comedy to the role depending on what kind of film this is going to be.

Then the role of Paige will be going to young actress Florence Pugh, we are yet to find out the actor who will be playing Roy Knight but we do know that Jack Lowden is going to be playing the part of Zak Knight. The Rock is also scheduled to have a Cameo role in the film.

This has the possibility of being a great film about this great family. This is a family that go above and beyond for their community and a great example was the charity show i attended at the weeken hosted by the Knight Family.

We all here at UWR could not be happier for them and are looking forward to seeing the Knight Family  walk the Red Carpet in the very near future.

The only other question i have is will we be seeing any of these stars pop up at WAW events trying to learn the characters they are going to portray ? So it may be worth getting tickets for their next big show in Norwich on 10th & 11th of March you never know who you might see ?


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