ICW Square Go 2017 Review

This years Square Go ( ICW’s version of the Royal Rumble) took place in Newcastle.

I however did not make the journey up north and decided to wait a day and enjoy the show from the comfort of my house whilst watching the show on ICW Ondemand.

Every match on this card had stakes making each match mean something which meant there was no filler just all killer.

New ICW Tag Team Champions were crowned as Bird and Boar defeated Polo Promotions in a hard fought battle to kick off the show. This could be a blessing in disguise as I think  the tag team division in ICW has struggled over the last 3-4 months with Polo Promotions dominating the scene, they needed some new teams to breathe some life back in to this division and I think Bird and Boar are a perfect team to begin the change.

Finally Lewis Girvan is going to get what he deserves, a shot at the ICW Zero Gravity Championship after he was able to defeat Andy Wild to be crowned the number one contender. Both men attacked a body part of the other with Girvan attacking Wild’s shoulder and Wild going after the knee of Girvan. It seemed with these injuries either man could of won this one but it was Girvan who was able to gain the upper hand and defeat Wild.

The dominance of the Women’s division in ICW continued as  Kay Lee Ray retained her title against Kasey. Both females put their bodies on the line to leave Newcastle with the gold. Ever since Kay Lee Ray won the gold you knew it would have to take someone special to take it from her and even though Kasey came close, on this night she just was not as good as the champ.

The toughest test to date for Zero G champion Kenny Williams was next as he had the task of retaining his title against arguably the best high flyer in the business today, Ricochet. The match itself was largely one sided as Ricochet dominated the majority of the contest but as hard as he tried Kenny would not stay down. It came to a point where frustration started to seep in to the mind of Ricochet as he could not believe Kenny would not give in. That doubt gave Williams the opportune moment to catch Ricochet of guard and he rolled up Ricochet and was able to keep him down for the three count. This was a big win for Williams and it proved that he is more than deserving of being champion but he is a man with a target on his back as there is a long line of top wrestlers waiting for a shot at the belt but if he is able to take everything that Ricochet could dish out and walk out with the belt I can’t imagine what it will take to pry the title away from him.

With out doubt this match was the match of the night as finally Trent Seven was able to defeat Wolfgang with a Piledriver off the second rope through two chairs to become the New ICW Champion. The story leading in to this match only made this match that much better and after Wolfgang had been victorious not only at Fear and Loathing IX but also winning their Semi Final match at the WWE UK Championship tournament you felt this was the last chance for Trent and after countless near falls and the fact that Wolfgang just would not stay down it needed Trent to do something so unbelievable to take the gold away from The Big Bad Wolf and that’s what he did.

Joe Coffey defeated Lionheart, Ravie Davie, Chris Ridgeway, Aaron Echo, The Sam Barbour Experience, Johnny Moss, Rampage Brown, Stevie James, Iestyn Rees, Krobar, Davey Blaze, Joe Hendry, DCT, Flex Hunter, Jason Prime, Alexander Henry, Christopher Saynt, BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew, Stevie Boy, Kid Fite, Martin Kirby, Sha Samuels, James Scott, Jimmy Havoc, Wolfgang, Drew Galloway, Grado, and Jack Jester in the 6th Annual Square Go. I felt the match got of the a slow start I believe it was because of the fantastic match that had just taken place before hand but after a few entries things really picked up and it turned into a very exciting contest especially when a few weapons got bought into the contest . The things I took away from this match overall were:

Ravie Davie is an amazing talent, Flex Hunter needs to rethink his ring gear he looked like Fake Diesel, Johnny Moss is a beast,   What is happening to the NAK and i  can’t wait to see Joe Coffey vs Trent Seven.

Overall it was another great show by ICW.


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