On Saturday night in Costessey there was a fantastic turn out for a fantastic show put on for a fantastic cause. Now i wont go in to detail on the reason for this show but if you want to know more just click on this link https://www.gofundme.com/AmysWish and you can read the story behind this emotional show.

All the Wrestlers working on this show did it for free and all the money from the entrance fee, merchandise, food, drinks, raffle and the future sales of the DVD that was made on the night will go to this fantastic cause.

Jason King and his partner who’s name i didn’t catch made their debut in WAW and they went up against Nick James & Sonny Smasher, Marvel Marcus & Brandon Inness and The Battlekats in a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match. This was a good match and highlighted some of the talented youngsters that are coming through the WAW Training School. The Battlekats picked up the win with a fantastic 450 splash from Battlekat C.T on Sonny Smasher.

The Morning Star dominated his opponent The Raging Dragon Dave Daniels but after he defeated Daniels with a claw slam he threw a fireball into the eyes of Daniels and gave Zak Knight ( the owner of WAW) no choice but to reverse the decision and disqualify The Morning Star

Leia Elise was able to defeat Innocence and Lori in a triple threat match. This was a decent contest with all three very talented females. The highlight of the match was a hilarious spot where the female ref could not keep up with the multiple pin fall attempts it was pure comedy gold seeing her trying her absolute best to keep up with the fast paced roll ups but it came off brilliantly as she finally gave up trying throwing her hands up in the air as to say  ‘i give up’.

Mitchell Starr defeated Vilman, Ryan Richards, Alex Drooge and Nocturne in another absolutely hilarious contest. If you have not had the pleasure of seeing Mitchell Starr live it is an experience and on this night he was at his very best using every mind game in his arsenal to come out on top. The way he aimed most of his offense on the testicular region of Vilman was hilarious and then came Nocturne. The guy wore a face mask that was held on by straps around his head. Well at some point during the match one of the straps must of broke because every time he tried to move it fell of and he had to keep trying to hide is face with his long hair and attempt to put this mask back on and this happened on more than one occasion but it came across as another spot of pure comedy gold. I for one found it absolutely hilarious even if it was an accident.

Big J Johnson defeated Malky Taggart with a brogue kick in an okay contest

Peter Nixon was able to over come the debuting Phantom in a hard fought match with both  men impressing the audience.

Robin Lekime was victorious in his battle against Old School member Ivan Trevors

In the Main event The Uk Hooligans and Hot Stuff defeated Bash, Keegan and Skeletor with a little help. The end of the match saw one of the daughters from the family of which this show was in aid of pick up the pin fall on Skeletor and the close of the show left everyone a blubbering mess but rightfully so.

This goes to show what a wonderful family WAW are and how muvh Wrestling can help a community when they most need it.

Everyone here at UWR would like to thank WAW for all the fantastic work that went in to putting on this amazing night. You all should be proud.


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