New Force Wrestling 11/2/17 Review

This was our first time attending NFW in Iver. While the venue was small the atmosphere was anything but small. This is a family run company so you have to expect a lot of children at the shows but the Wrestling was first class.

The first match of the show saw Richie D-Light defeat Alexander Roth with a Sunset Flip of the second rope. This was an enjoyable opening contest both got the crowd hyped up which is the main objective in an opening match. Roth excelled in his heel role, his constent talking was very entertaining as was his use of a stray balloon.

George James came out to the ring and explained that his opponent had not turned up so he set up an open challenge which was answered by the demonic looking Damien. The monstourous Damien was to much for George James to handle on this day. After the match Damien continued to beat down James it was only until Ross Lee came out that Damien stopped and retreated.

Preston Sage defeated Bagherra after some very underhanded tactics. I enjoyed the Wildman character portrayed by Bagherra it was very entertaining and it’s some  what of a dying gimmick not seen as much these days but he showed that if done well it can work and be very entertaining. Preston used a lot of heelish tactics to gain the upper hand throughout the match and after a low blow whilst distracting the ref he was able to picked up the win.

Damien made his second appearance of the show and was successful for the second time against Ross Lee. I was impressed with the tenacity of Lee he took the fight to the Monster but Damien was able to absorb everything that was thrown at him and walked out the winner for the second time in this show.

Billy Ranger was successful in a very fast paced back and forth exciting contest that could of gone either way against Morgan Black.

The Main Event and Match of the Show was the tag team match where Conner Mills and Theodore Powers defeated David Francsico and Mauro Chaves. The story told in this contest was excellent as Mills injured his head early on and for risk of concussion he was taken to the back and that left Powers in a 2 on 1 situation. That was great for Francsico and Chaves as they took turns punishing Powers. After taking so much punishment it seemed only a matter of time before the match would be over but Powers would not give in and he was spurred on by the return of his tag partner. I was overly impressed with Mills his high flying skills are second to none, the flip he did over the top rope and landing on his feet was insane as was the 450 splash he used to win the match.

This was a perfect way to set up the title match between Francsico and Mills at the next NFW show and I’m sure it will be one you don’t want to miss.

This was a very good afternoon of wrestling and I would recommend that if you wanna see some good family wrestling then go watch NFW.



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