Progress Wrestling Chapter 43: Tropic Thunder Bastard Review

Another show I watched on demand this week and another that simply blew me away. From start to finish I was overly impressed with every match on this show.

It kicked of with a very entertaining tag team match. The London Riots were victorious against the debuting Kings Of The North. The Riots have been rather inconsistent after losing the tag titles but on this show they were able to get it right and after a hard fought battle against a very impressive team they walked away winners. There was a touch of comedy in this match which is something you don’t expect to see in a Riots match very often. Bonesaw is one half of Kings Of The North and he was wearing a red glove on one hand so as you can expect the Ultras rode him all match about it, making up very entertaining songs as the match progressed. But it was Lynch who pulled out the funniest moment as he put one glove on his hand and the two had a Gentlemen’s duel with Rob Lynch slapping Bonesaw numerous times with his glove.

Laura Di Matteo advanced to the next round of the Natural Progression Tournament to crown the first ever Progress Women’s Champion. It was not an easy accomplishment as she was pushed to the limit by a very impressive Chakara. I am liking the in ring style of Laura more every time I see her. She also seems to improve with every match she has. It seems as though her MMA training has really paid of and that was the deciding factor in this match as she was able to make Chakara tap out. The story for this tournament looks to be that Laura could make it to the final and possibly have to defeat her once mentor Jinny.

When the music hit for Jurn Simmons entrance I thought ‘oh no not another Royalty gimmick’ . But then I did not expect the music to change and this massive hairy Dutch dude to start gyrating and doing the air guitar to heavy metal but it was something you have to see to believe but once you see it there’s no going back. His opponent Roy ‘ Body Guy’ Johnson seemed just as unsure as everyone else inside the Electric Ballroom. But once the bell rang and the match was under way play time stopped and Simmons was no joke as he dominated the majority of the contest and was able to come away with a victory.

I have a new favourite tag team and they are called Ring Kampf. I was so impressed with these two in their last match in Progress against the Riots and I was really excited to see them again. They did not disappoint as both Big Daddy Walter and Axel Dieter Jnr were both at their best. Walter is a beast but don’t be fooled this guy is quick for a big man and in my opinion he is the best big man in all of Wrestling. As for his partner Axel Dieter Jnr he is so smooth in the ring and he makes everything seem so easy. His style is very similar to William Regal but with more speed and possibly better technically. Both compliment the other perfectly and there is no doubt we will see big things from this duo in the future. Ever since The South Pacific Power Trio became the number one contenders they have had to prove why they are in the spot they are in and yet again they proved it to everyone by walking away the winners in this one. Now you could say the success of the team is largely due to the constant interference from Dahlia Black but for me it’s been the massive improvement of TK Cooper ever since he partnered up with Travis Banks. In my opinion Cooper is with out doubt the most improved wrestler in Progress in the last year and I can honestly see SPPT becoming the next Progress Tag Champs when they finally get their shot at the gold currently held by Tyler Bate and Trent Seven.

The Thunder Bastard match is a very cool concept and this years match was just as good as previous years have been. There were two stories that came from this match one being how Andrews came in at number one and outlasted all the other 6 opponents to win the match after hitting a Shooting Star Press on Zack Gibson. The other tale was that of Jack Sexsmith, since he started in Progress Jack has been some what of a comedy act with his Sex Pest gimmick. But after this showing he proved that he is anything but a joke. Even though he is probably the only wrestler ever to perform in Ugg boots he shocked everyone in this match by not only eliminating Sebastian but also the first ever Progress Champion Nathan Cruz. He got to the last three but was finally stopped by the self proclaimed Liverpool’s Number One Wrestler Zack Gibson. Trent Seven, Marty Scurll and Dave Mastiff were also involved in this contest and they all made an impact throughout especially Mastiff when the Origin ( Gibson, Cruz and Mastiff) came to blows and he gave his former team mates the thumbs down then attacked them . But I must say I’m loving The Bantersauras (Mastiff) he is absolutely hilarious.

Pete Dunne finally had to come face to face with Jimmy Havoc and try and hold on to the title he had won in dubious circumstances thanks to his British Strong Style buddy Tyler Bate. The fight was on as soon as the champ entered the ring. Trent Seven tried to gain the upper hand for his fellow BSS mate but when he tried to hit him with a RainMaker Clothesline Havoc reversed it and nailed Trent sending him out of the ring. Jimmy then turned his attention to Peter and the two brawled all over the Electric Ballroom, throwing each other through the first few rows of fans and crashing into numerous steel chairs.
The pair finally made it in to the ring and it was a back and forth match neither man gaining full control for very long. Finally it seemed that Jimmy would regain the title after hitting his Acid Rainmaker Clothesline. But as Havoc went for the pin fall in came Trent to interfere yet again and this time breaking up the pin fall was enough for ref Chris Roberts to Disqualify Pete Dunne. So Pete escaped with the gold but that was not enough for BSS as they took turns smashing Havoc with chair shots. The Duo stopped when a returning Flash Morgan Webster made his way out and was then joined by Mark Haskins. Both rushed the ring and attacked Trent and Pete and all four brawled as the fans exploded. Haskins then locked Trent in a Sharpshooter and Webster had Dunne in a Dragon Sleeper and the pair were made to suffer for what they had gotten away with over the last few months. It seems as though British Strong Style may have a problem now that Haskins has returned and is looking to take the title back that he never lost, the list of wrestlers chasing them is growing by the day how much longer can the stay ahead of the pack.

Another brilliant chapter and I am always surprised with the incredible talents they bring in all over Europe and it’s great to see their home grown talents are starting to shine even brighter.


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