WWE WEEKLY Raw, SD live, 205, NXT Review and Eliminaton Chamber Preview and Predictions

imageOn this weekly post I will discuss what went down this week in WWE. I’m not going to go over every single match and give them a star rating, this is not that sort of site. I am only going to talk about what struck my interest, what got me to pay attention and what has been that memorable that it stuck in my mind till the end of the week and I remember to write about it.

So let’s get started with Raw. Now I am going to be very honest. I don’t watch Raw live, well living in the UK who would sit up till 1 am and then watch three hours of wrestling every week ? So instead I record it on my Sky Box and watch it back the next day. This also gives me the luxury of fast forwarding through adverts and any other parts of the show that doesn’t strike my interest so in total I think I watch roughly a twenty minute show every week. With that being said the only things that interested me were Samoa Joe in a suit and his snorting (WTF was that about), Finally when Owens is turning a corner and with a lot of help from Jericho has become very entertaining it seems that they are going to have him drop the belt to Oldberg and then there is Stephanie McMahon cutting of Foley’s balls yet again it seems to of become a weekly sketch and now the one time hardcore legend who battled Terry Funk in barbed wire mine matches and stepped inside Hell in a Cell with The Undertaker has been reduced to this every week. I’m hoping the rumours are true and Foley is stepping down from this position after Mania due to him needing hip surgery but it may be to late as the legacy of this legend may have been damaged beyond repair and he will now be remembered by younger fans as that guy who came out in those ridiculous Checkered suits and got his balls busted by Stephanie every week.

So Smackdown was next and that had even less to talk about. Like Raw this is another show I record ( there is no way I’m staying up that late, I have kids, a wife and some may argue a life as well). This was the ‘Go Home Show’ before the Elimination Chamber PPV. So what stuck out about this show.

Mickie James is still Smoking hot (Magnus is one lucky Fella), she also has better mic skills and is more believable when she talks than all the other females on that roster combined. Becky Lynch is so corny and stale it’s clear she has no idea what to say so is told what to say and when to say it, Naomi is boring and just as bad as Becky with her stale delivery when talking, again another one who has been told exactly what to say and has no clue how to make it more exciting and meaningful. Alexa Bliss however is improving slowly but I think that is because she is working closely with Mickie and some of her wisdom is rubbing of on to Alexa. As for the feud between Nikki and Natalya I can’t stand it when Natalya talks or for that matter is on my screen. She does nothing for me in anyway and I would be very happy not to see her again and as for Nikki Bella well she is Nikki Bella and she is so DAM HOTT!!!! AND THAT ARSE !!!! I could watch a two hour show of just Nikki’s Tits and Arse that would be more watchable than both Raw and Smackdown.

The only other points worth noting were Baron Corbin defeating AJ Styles, The Miz and Dean Ambrose in a fatal four way match. This was a basic preview of what is to come on Sunday. I don’t think Corbin will win Elimination Chamber but this was still a big win for him and I could see him having a possible feud with Ambrose over the IC title and it culminating in a match hopefully at Wrestlemania.

The main event was John Cena vs Randy Orton (Hello Darkness My Old Friend) and it was what everyone expected another classic Cena/Orton match that they have given us over and over for the last 12 years. The finish was kind of interesting as Harper got involved and he nailed Wyatt with a spinning clothesline and then when Orton tried to hit him with an RKO he reversed it and sent him in to the waiting arms of Cena who hit an AA and won the match.

There are many rumours flying all around the internet that Cena will drop the belt in the chamber match and the so called ‘experts’ are saying that it will be Bray Wyatt who will win the Gold.

Now while I am all for Wyatt being champion I am not sure how great a match between Orton and Wyatt will go down after the mess of a main event the two did previously at a PPV last year that was not well received by anyone. Then the other option is Cena keeps the belt and faces of against Orton at Mania and there are not many who want to see that again. I’m sure what ever the WWE chose to do there is always going to be a percentage of fans that are not happy but hey that’s life. So Smackdown was even less memorable than Raw, the only saving grace was that it’s a two hour show so after fast forwarding through all the adds and bits that don’t interest me it’s only a fifteen minute show.

NXT this week was all about Glorious Sanity. The new faction Sanity is taking NXT by storm and they took over the beginning of this hour long show. We were treated to a tag team contest with The Bollywood Boys taking on Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe in what was a basic squash match as Dain destroyed both members of the Bollywood Boys single handedly and he was so dominant that Alexander Wolfe did not enter the match. Once Dain hit his Ulster Plantation it was all over.

Eric Young the mouth piece of the group and an excellent one he is too, delivered a message to Tye Dillinger that he would be joining Sanity. Young did not have to wait very long for a reply as Dillinger came out and told Eric Young and the rest of his cronies that there is no way he would join them. This only angered Sanity who began a beat down only to be stopped by No Way Jose and Roderick Strong. This lead to a main event six man tag match.

The GLORIOUS ONE Bobby Roode was in attendance and cut a decent promo after he defeated Nakamura at the last Takeover show and the question is who is next in line to face him for the gold? I think we need a HERO !!!!

Then there was 205 live and that was just a couple of random Cruiserweight matches thrown together to fill up an hour. The best match of the bunch was between Mustapha Ali and Jack Gallagher.

So now it’s time for my Elimination Chamber preview and predictions

Ziggler vs Kalisto and Apollo Crews: I am thinking they want to try build Dolph as a more credible heel and he needs this win more than the other two. So I’m going with Dolph Ziggler winning this one.

Tag Team Turmoil. This division needs something to happen it looks like a division full of jobbers. The team I think could do with winning is Ascension. What happened to them and also the Vaudevillians ? Both were excellent in NXT but once they got promoted they have gone backwards. I believe either team would hugely benefit from winning this and then it would give American Alpha some one to work with rather than doing these multiple team matches. So for this match I think they may keep the belts on American Alpha but I would link to see either Ascension or Vaudevillians get the win.

So for the first time ever there is three women’s matches on the card. Firstly I think Nilki will beat Natalya, Mickie will defeat Becky in her first one on one PPV match since returning and Alexa will retain the belt against Naomi.

I would think Randy Orton will defeat Luke Harper.

Then there is the small case of the Elimination Chamber match. Now according to those ‘Experts’ Wyatt is walking out champion and to be honest I can see it happening. But the question still is do we want to see Wyatt and Orton instead of Cena and Orton at Mania. Then what about the rest of the combatants what happens to them after this match. Well it seems that maybe Ambrose and Corbin may feud over the IC Title, there are rumours of a possible feud between Cena and The Miz leading to a possible tag match at Mania with Miz and Maryse against John Cena and Nikki Bella. Then there is the Phenomenal One AJ Styles. Without doubt the best performer in 2016. He has carried Smackdown since the Brand Split and has had great matches with everyone he has worked with. So how do the WWE repay him? Having him drop the belt at the Rumble and make him feel less and less important leading up to Mania. But when we are past Mania and all the part timers have gone back home they will want AJ to help carry the company yet again. This is what really annoys me about WWE they are stuck in the past and are not trying to build a future.

Anyway i hope you enjoyed the read, I will be back for the Elimination Chamber review.


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