WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 Review


This was always just about one match hence the name of this PPV. I thought it may of been better to have maybe two or even three elimination chamber matches with the women and tag teams having a match inside the chamber but they as usual were treated like lower mid carders that don’t really matter. The actual Elimination Chamber match was very good I enjoyed all of it and the story that went along with it.

Like I said before, the under card matches felt just like that and the crowd in attendance felt the same as they were dead until the chamber match. But why should anyone care about these matches the WWE don’t and they don’t even attempt to get anyone invested with their 50/50 booking of everyone.

In her first PPV singles match back after Seven years Mickie James lost in a decent opener against Becky Lynch. Two things 1. Mickie losing in her first match kills any momentum she may of built up going forward. 2. It’s really hard to take her seriously as a heel, she in my opinion works much better as a face.

The handicap match was kind of strange as the heel was the one with the disadvantage. But the fans cheered the heel after the match when Dolph injured Crews the fans chanted ‘THANKYOU’ and that is the massive problem, heels are not getting heat and Faces are not getting over because the majority of fans won’t allow it, they prefer to cheer the heels and boo the faces. It’s the so called ‘smart fans’ that are killing the business.

The tag team division on Smackdown is now dead after the Tag Team Turmoil match. It seemed after the Usos had been eliminated and they beat down American Alpha that maybe just maybe they were going to give another team a shot at being the champs. Ascension were the last team and American Alpha were beaten down it seemed only a matter of time before Ascension would be champs but alas it was not to be as Alpha battled back and beat this pathetic version of Ascension (long gone are the days that this team dominated every team in NXT and many believed when called up they would do the same on the main roster). So who is next for American Alpha now they have beaten every team there is on Smackdown ? Surely it’s time to bring up some #TopGuys ?

The Nikki/Natalya feud has been painful to watch as was this match that went far to long than it needed. Then the double count out finish seems to mean that we may not of seen the last of this feud yet.

I enjoyed the Harper/Orton match. I felt Harper proved he can hang with the top guys but I think he needs a few big wins under his belt before he can be considered a top guy on Smackdown. Maybe a run with the IC title may do his character some good or a feud with maybe someone like Miz or Ziggler could help him. It was pretty obvious Orton was going to win with him on his way to Mania to challenge for the title so him losing would not of made a lot of sense.

After I finally got into Alexa as champ they have her drop the belt to Naomi. There had been no build towards her being champ so now we have to try and take her seriously as champion.

Both Women’s divisions and Tag team divisions on Raw and Smackdown have really struggled since the brand split. It’s because they are spread so thin and I know I’m not the only one who thinks they could do with having all the Women on one show ( maybe Smackdown) and all the Tag Teams on another (possibly Raw). Then I also believe the women would benefit from having their own separate show like the Cruiserweights do and maybe even chuck tag team titles in the mix and turn the Smackdown belt into a mid card title like the IC title or the US title is for the men.

So like I said before I really enjoyed the Elimination Chamber. I think it’s the best one I have seen in quite some time. Cena and Styles got it of to a great start and the entrants were in a perfect order. Baron Corbin came in and dominated until he was eliminated in pathetic style by Ambrose however he did manage to get some of his heat back after he beat down Ambrose and left him as easy prey for the Miz. So it seems we may see some sort of a feud between Ambrose and Corbin whether they will get a Mania match is another question but on this performance they deserve it. I felt Styles was the MVP of the match and with out him in this match it would not of been nearly as successful as it was. So Cena was eliminated in the third spot and the rumours are he will face Miz at Mania in a tag match with their respective  female partners but Cena eliminated Miz with ease and that did very little to help build to a match at Mania. Then Wyatt eliminated both Cena and Styles which was some what of a shock to most that did not hear the rumours of Wyatt carrying the belt into Mania. While Bray and the story with him and Orton will be a decent story for a Mania title match it does feel that this came two years too late.

This was a one match show which is what I expected so I was not disappointed it actually out did my expectations so I was happy with this one.

Of course there are going to be those who shit all over Bray being champ and it’s only the fault of the way the WWE booked Bray ever since he came to the main roster and his PPV win loss streak is probably one of the worst in the company so how are we supposed to take him seriously as champion. The other thing is that he may not be the champion after Mania as his Losing streak at Mania is impressive. But let’s see if they have faith in him to carry it past Mania, I hope they do.


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