Rev Pro Wrestling: Live In Portsmouth 7 Guildhall Portsmouth 24/2/17 Review

Rev Pro returned home for another big show and once again they delivered. I was not there for the show but did watch it via RPWOnDemand which is great value for money considering the epic shows they continue to produce.

Marty Scurll defeated Ryan Smile.

Even though he was unsuccessful on this occasion there is nothing that Smile should be ashamed of as he came very close to upsetting Marty Scurll the ROH World Television Champion. However there is a reason Marty Scurll is being praised so very highly by so many at this time and yet again The Villain was able to lock in his Chicken Wing. Finally after withstanding insane amounts of punishment and refusing to stay down, Smile had no choice but to tap out.

Dave Mastiff defeated Trent Seven

This was a Big Win for the Big Bad Bastard Dave Mastiff over one of the hottest talents around in British Wrestling today. Even though Trent did put up one hell of a fight against Mastiff, after Mastiff directed punishment to the back of Trent it was inevitable when The Bastard locked in his Boston Crab, pushing all his weight down on the back of Trent and then moving in to a Lion Tamer. This was to much for even Trent to withstand and he tapped out. The Goal for Mastiff is quite clear, he wants a title shot and whomever is champion they have a huge challenge coming in the future in the form of The Bastard Dave Mastiff.

Swoggle and Colt Cabana defeated Legion Of Lords (Gideon Grey & Rishi Ghosh)

While this was a very entertaining match as was expected with Cabana and Swoggle involved, it was the mental state of Lord Gideon Grey that was the real story of this contest. Ever since his match against Ryback, Gideon has not been quite right and things did not get much better for him. It was hilarious to   see his pal Rishi Ghosh trying to help him get better before the match  and after finally getting Gideon back to some what of a  normal state of mind they seemed ready to take on the team of Swoggle and Cabana. Like I said Cabana and Swoggle love to entertain and have fun in their matches but this was not what the fragile minded Lord Gideon Grey wanted, he was demanding a serious Wrestling match but unfortunately this was never going to happen and it was the antics of Cabana and Swoggle that took their team to victory after Swoggle hit a Frog Splash for the win.

Rob Lias Defeated Dan Magee

Both of these guys are very talented young wrestlers and this was technically a very good match, Lias won with the aid of an exposed turnbuckle and a Code Breaker. The one problem I had and by the sound of the crowd they had the same problem with the attire of both guys. They both were wearing generic black trunks, black boots, black knee and Elbow pads. If you had never watched these two before it can be easy to get the two confused. I think the next step for both is to try and invest more creativity in their ring attire and gimmick so they have more of a chance in connecting with the fans.

Joel Redman and Charlie Sterling defeated The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey)

The team of Redman and Sterling impress me every time I see this duo in action and for me they are one of the best teams in the country at the moment. This was a win against former WWE tag team champions but while both Kenny and Mikey are both in really good shape they are not the team they used to be many years ago. Up next for Redman and Sterling is CCK that is a match you don’t want to miss.

Penta El Zero M defeated Pete Dunne

This was a huge main event and it delivered on every level. Pete Dunne is another that has had a very impressive year already, after impressing the world in the WWE UK Championship tournament and then in his debut match in NXT blew everyone away he is doing what HHH told him to do that is going out and Making A Statement. He did this on this night by pushing Pentagon Dark ( That’s who I know him as and it ain’t gonna change for me so that’s that) to the limit but it was Pentagon who was able to put Dunne away after a very hard fought battle.

Rev Pro yet again proved why they are one of the best independent wrestling companies in the world by yet again putting together another outstanding show and with what is coming up in the next few months they are in no danger of being considered any thing less.


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