WCPW Loaded 23 Review

The fall out after the PPV True Destiny was still being felt on this weeks episode of Loaded from Leicester.

The General Manager of WCPW Martin Kirby started the show off in the ring and he announced that he would be stepping down as GM to get back to where he belongs, in the ring and he also promised that he would be champion once again.

In the first match of the night the Iron Man Joe Coffey defeated the returning BT Gunn with a Discus Lariat. There was no doubt that this was going to be a very good match as both are with out doubt two of the best in the UK and they delivered a very hard hitting contest. The fact that BT Gunn had been suspended for attacking Joe back in January added more emotion to the contest. After the battle was over the two still wanted to continue this war and they had to be separated from doing any further damage to each other.

Nixon Newell had to defend the WCPW Women’s Championship in a No DQ match against Bea Priestley and thanks to the interference from Viper and a Viper Driver there is a New WCPW Women’s Champion. I enjoyed this match from start to finish both Women put everything on the line in this one and the finish gives WCPW multiple options with feuds in the Women’s division in the future.

I thought the match of the show was Liam Slater going one on one with Zack Sabre Junior. After losing the tag titles at True Destiny and then losing his tag partner Johnny Moss due to injury, Liam Slater wanted to prove to everyone that he is more than capable as been just as successful as a singles competitor as he was in a tag team. Well if this was not a way to make a statement then I don’t know how else you can after Slater was able to shock everyone by defeating ZSJ with a Mister Fuji Style Diving Headbutt of the top rope. The majority of the Match Zack was showing everyone why he is called ‘The Technical Wizard’ as he was able to reverse and then tie up Slater in all sorts of impressive holds. But for every reversal and hold ZSJ attempted Slater replied with a reversal and holds of his own. The match was a great advertisement for excellent technical British Wrestling. I for one loved this match and could watch it over and over again.

In the Main Event Joe Hendry was able to defeat Alberto El Patron in a very controversial finish. The build to the match between these two started at the end of True Destiny when Hendry turned on Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle. On the next episode El Parton confronted Joe about his actions and demanded a match, Joe agreed to the match but only that it would be on the next episode of Loaded. The majority of this match saw Alberto dominate Hendry as he attempted to beat some respect into Joe Hendry but when Joe fought back he accidentally hit the ref with a Clothesline. Ever the opportunist Joe went to the outside and grabbed a chair whilst the ref lay motionless in the ring. But before Hendry could nail El Patron with the chair Joe Coffey and Travis Banks ran in to the ring and attempted to stop him. Then in another shocking moment on this show Coffey and Banks turned and attacked Alberto El Parton and then held him so Joe Hendry could hit Patron with the chair. As quick as they got in the ring Coffey and Banks were out of it and hiding from the ref as he came around in time to see Hendry covering Patron. The show ended with Hendry, Coffey and Banks standing over the prone body of Alberto Del Rio.

This was a great show I did enjoy JR and Striker on commentary even though at times they did not seem to be fully invested in some of the matches due to them obviously not knowing much about some of the Wrestlers on the card. But considering this is a free show on YouTube how can you complain with the quality of show they produce and did I say it’s Free !! So is their next big show Exit Wounds on 6th March with Ospreay challenging Galloway for the WCPW title and ‘The American Nightmare’ Cody will be defending the Internet Championship and yet again this is free on YouTube.


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