Many believe the reasons for Progress Wrestling calling this show Old Man Yells At Cloud had something to do with the comments made by one Jim Cornette.
After hearing what Cornette said and having some time to think it through it’s clear why he said it. He realised which promotion is the hottest in the World (Progress), he is an attention/heat seeker and what better way than to get attention from us passionate wrestling fans than bash the hottest promotion in the world and it worked because he got everyone’s attention for a short period and may of got a ratings boost for his mundane podcast. As for Progress naming this show Old Man Yells At Cloud I really couldn’t care if it had anything to do with Cornette, it’s creative and kind of funny. I do however remember seeing a post on the Progress fan page well over a year ago and the discussion was about possible chapter names. One of the most popular names thrown out there by a fan was Old Man Yells At Cloud so maybe that is were it came from and they were waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it and with Cornette giving them that opportunity then why not.
Anyway with all that out of the way it’s time to talk about another amazing show.

James Drake Defeated Damon Moser

The debuting Drake made a huge impact in Progress Wrestling. He jumped Moser before the usual in ring introductions, during the match he hit Moser with a Fore arm shot that shattered the Jaw of Moser and Drake finished Moser off with a devastating DDT. While he may not of gained many fans with his actions he defiantly made one hell of a statement by taking out a fan favourite in Damon Moser.

Dahlia Black Defeated Session Moth Martina

Another debut and another impact was made in this contest. This time the fans seemed to be very welcoming of Session Moth compared to how they were with Drake in the previous match (telling him to F’ Off back to Blackpool), the entrance from Session Moth was something to behold and if you have not seen it you are certainly missing out. The same could be said for this match while Session Moth is all fun before the bell and at times during the match don’t be fooled by her ‘Vickie Pollard’ style gimmick she is a very good wrestler. Her opponent though like her partners in SPPT has improved immensely over the last year it’s a shame she may not be here for much longer. But Dahlia was able to pick up the win after Session Moth accidentally Blinded the ref when she spat a mouth full of beer that was meant for Black in his face. While the ref was momentarily blinded TK Cooper came back out to the ring after being sent to the back previously when Dahlia had enough of the antics of Session Moth which included grinding on top of TK and then Kissing him. Cooper got in the ring and with out hesitation punched Session Moth knocking her out cold, Dahlia covered her and the ref came too just in time to make the count for Dahlia to move on in to the next round in the Natural Progression Tournament to crown the first Progress Wrestling Women’s Champion.

Travis Banks Defeated Jordan Devlin

In my opinion the stand out performer in 2017 so far has been Travis Banks. He has wrestled for numerous promotions and is putting on outstanding displays every time whether it be a singles match or in a tag team he gives us a five star quality performance every time he steps in a ring. This match was no different from the rest and just added to his list of brilliant matches he has had since debuting here. As for Jordan Devlin, after his less than successful appearance in the WWE UK Championship Tournament where many fans did not take to his talents. Well in his Progress debut he did like the other two debutants did and he made an impact. While he was booed and ridiculed before and during the contest by the fans once the match had taken it’s course and Devlin and Banks put together a great match the reaction he got on his way out was not surprising at all with the majority of fans inside the Electric Ballroom applauding his efforts in entertaining them.

No Disqualification
Pastor William Eaver Defeated Sebastian

I don’t really know what was more shocking in this contest, the amount of punishment the Pastor was able to endure and fight back to defeat Sebastian with a decapitating Lariat or the fact that Chuck Mambo used his knowledge of the law to help Pastor with the blackmailing from Sebastian. It was such a fantastic moment when finally Pastor William Eaver was able to defeat his demons and put to rest this feud with Sebastian. It was capped off with Jim telling Seb to F’ Off and he was carried away by the ring crew. This match had everything you could want from a NO DQ match it had Drama, Suspense, Comedy, Blood, Passion and extreme scenes of violence.

Mark Andrews Defeated Shane Strickland

While this was an excellent match and performance from both in this contest I felt it lacked a little extra something. Most of the matches on the card either had a debut or a story to go along with the match but this had neither so I think that may be why it kind of felt like a filler match on this card compared to the other matches on the show. But I can’t deny the athleticism on display from both was first class and Mark Andrews hit the best Shooting Star Press in the business for the win over Strickland.

El Ligero Defeated Nathan Cruz

The war within The Origin continued and it was a clash between the former Progress Tag Champs. While Ligero scored the pin out of nowhere the more shocking moment took place after the match when an angry Cruz attacked Ligero from behind and then ripped the mask of him and left the Ballroom feeling rather pleased with his actions. Ligero had to be helped to the back by the ref and had his ring robe covering his face so not to be seen by anyone. This will only add more fuel to the fire of this heated feud within The Origin.

Zack Gibson Defeated Jack Sexsmith

While Sexsmith was not victorious in this contest it was a great way to get him and Gibson even more over than they were already. Like I mentioned in my last chapter review Jack has recently gone from being just a comedy act to a viable contender in Progress. The way he kept getting back up from the punishment being dealt out to him by Gibson was heroic and made for a fantastic story as Gibson began to grow frustrated in realising that he may not have what it takes to beat Sexsmith. So as he could not pin Jack it seemed he was happy with a victory in any fashion so Gibson tossed Sexsmith using a move called a Helter Skelter from inside the ring over the top rope and Sexsmith crashed to hard wooden floor of the Electric Ballroom. It would seem that Gibson’s alternate route to victory worked as Jack could not answer the referee’s ten count and Zack Gibson was declared the winner.

Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins and Flash Morgan Webster defeated British Strong Style (Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate)

This was not a six man tag match and nor was it advertised to be that. But it was a six man war that took it’s toll on every participant. It was impossible to keep track of all the action that was occurring while all six men brawled all over the Electric Ballroom. The stipulation for this match was quite simple, if either Havoc, Webster or Haskins scored a pin fall on any member of BSS that person would earn themselves a title shot and if any member of BSS won the match all of their opponents would not be allowed a shot at the title for the next six months.
After all was said and done it was Jimmy Havoc would grasped the opportunity when he hit Pete Dunne with his Acid Rain Maker Clothesline and as Trent and Tyler were busy brawling with Flash and Haskins, Havoc was able to score the pin fall.
After the match Havoc announced that he would be facing Dunne in a Deathmatch at the next chapter in Manchester. The only two that seemed as distraught as BSS after the match was Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Haskins who realised there chance at a title shot narrowly slipped through their fingers and who knows when they may get another chance.

So another very successful Chapter to add to the rest and yet again Progress proved all their detractors wrong as they always do.


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