WWE Fast Lane 2017 Review


Fast Lane was the last big show before Wrestlemania and it gave the WWE the chance to progress and begin the feuds they need to help make Wrestlemania a worth while show.
Many fans have already taken to the various social media sites to voice their complaints about everything that occurred at Fast Lane and you really can’t blame anyone for being upset at having to watch what went down.
Like I said this was the last big show before Wrestlemania. But what was supposed to be a big show felt more like an every week Raw on a Sunday night. Especially with the filler matches and horrible New Day and Mick Foley segments.

Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa Defeated The Brian Kendrick and Noam Dar

The one hour pre show featured one half decent tag match that if you missed it you only missed a good tag match that you see every time from the Cruiserweights on 205 Live.

Samoa Joe Defeated Sami Zayn

While Joe did win in impressive style, I thought he should of dominated the match even more than he did. I believe it would of helped both if he had destroyed Sami. Many believe Zayn should be at a higher level than he is in the show but he is the perfect guy to feed to help build heels in the WWE. He did a good job on this occasion but as I mentioned previously he should not be getting that much offence in on his opponent especially if it’s some one like Samoa Joe, who has the potential to be a Top Guy.

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship
Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Defeated Enzo and Cass

I would like to say that I am pleased to see Gallows and Anderson as tag champs, but because of how they where booked in the first few months of their debut they lost a lot of momentum and are not the same team that dominated NJPW and won over many fans with their matches and antics.
So with that why not give Enzo and Cass the gold and at least see if anything remotely good comes from it. Just like their opponents over the last year Enzo and Cass have lost a lot of steam due to the backwards booking decisions made by this company. But due to the lack of teams with any credibility there is still a chance that giving the belts too Enzo and Cass and setting up a feud with the only other team on that roster that has any kind of momentum left, so a feud between Enzo & Cass and The New Day may be something that could entertain some fans.
The match it self was good and at least they gave Enzo and Cass a chance at a rematch with the Ref not seeing Enzo’s foot on the rope when he counted the winning pin fall. I would not be surprised if we see a title change in the very near future and why not Enzo and Cass.

Sasha Banks Defeated Nia Jax

Seeing this match far to many times and it just gets worse every time. Nia should not be on the main roster yet and Sasha would work much better as a heel, her ‘Boss’ character that she portrayed in NXT where she cared about no one and proved she was the most dominant women on this roster by doing what ever it took. Now the ‘Boss’ is this smiley, caring person who does things to help people she cares about and after her meaningless win in this match her actions later in the show are even more baffling.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Neville Defeated Jack Gallagher

This was by far my favourite match of the whole show. I enjoy the characters portrayed by both, they both have different but equally excellent in ring techniques and with that they put together a very entertaining contest. The correct choice was made with Neville winning this one and moving on to his next opponent in his ruling over the Cruiserweight Division.

Cesaro Defeated Jinder Mahal

Big Show Defeated Rusev

Both matches were complete filler matches and had no place being on this show. They belonged on an episode of Superstars maybe. The few things I took away from these matches were Jinder looks like a beast, how much longer will Cesaro be able to put up with this before he follows others out the exit door and how stupid do wrestlers seem when they get distracted and costs them the match when another Wrestler just stares at them from outside of the ring this made Mahal look like an idiot ( but at least he was not the only wrestler made to look stupid).

Roman Reigns Defeated Braun Strowman

This match went how everyone predicted it would and how every Superman vs Giant match WWE have done over the years. Strowman dominated for large parts of the match impressing everyone with his Power and Speed, Reigns eventually fought back but it took everything to knock the big man down and then as usual the Big Guy makes a stupid mistake and Reigns capitalised with a Spear and defeated Strowman. This was nothing but predictable.

WWE Women’s Championship
Bayley Defeated Charlotte

Another match between these two that was exactly the same match we have seen these two have recently the only difference was Sasha running in an costing Charlotte the match. It made Bayley look more of a heel and gave Charlotte some sympathy. I was expecting Bayley to have an issue with Sasha’s actions and that leading to Sasha turning on Bayley, Hopefully that is something they are planning in the coming weeks.

WWE Universal Championship
Goldberg Defeated Kevin Owens

Another Heel and this time not any Heel but the Universal Champion was made to look like a complete moron. Owens got distracted enough by Jericho coming out to the stage with his music playing that Goldberg was able to hit a Spear and Jack Hammer and there is a new Universal Champion. While I’m not bothered about Goldberg being champion it’s the way they did it that bothered me. Could they not think of something else than what they did ? It’s been done far to many times and only makes the victim of it look like a complete idiot.

Not a good show but it did help evolve a few feuds for the card heading in to Wrestlemania.


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