Iestyn Rees was in action in the opening match and absolutely squashed a jobber. Then talked about how 2017 was going to be his year (I have lost count of how many wrestlers have said that 2017 was going to be their year) and then mentioned his Marauders team mates who won the tag titles at the Square Go. Rees then decided to call out the opponents of his team mates, The Purge. As The Purge made their way to the ring to confront Rees they were jumped from behind by Bird and Boar.

The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) Defeated The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James)

After The Marauders jumped The Purge they had the upper hand for the majority of this match. However The Purge put up a good fight against the ICW Tag Team Champions and at least proved they are a team in the future that will be champions. But on this night Bird and Boar continued their rise to domination of the ICW tag team division.

The East End Butcher called out his former tag team partner now his bitter rival, Kid Fite. Sha Samules waited beer in hand and another waiting for Kid Fite to make his appearance and when he did Sha got straight to business and told Kid Fite that their rivalry will end at Barramania in a street fight.

Zack Gibson Defeated Nathan Cruz and Charlie Sterling

In my opinion Zack Gibson is on course to becoming the Number One Heel in British Wrestling. He has all the tools to be a top Heel in any promotion and after this performance it seems he may be that for ICW in the future. The word Blue Chipper best describes Charlie Sterling who as always impressed with his flawless athleticism and as always Cruz was his crafty self as per usual. Gibson picked up the win with the help of a chair shot after Sterling had hit his Corkscrew Senton on Cruz.

Polo Promotions turned up to talk about what’s next for Scotland’s best tag team. While they wanted a rematch for the titles they lost , ICW Owner Mark Dallas informed them that they would have to get to the back of the line and after that remark there was a small confrontation between Dallas and Jackie Polo. With those actions it could be a long time before Polo Promotions are back in the title picture. However there is always the possibility that the very talented Mark Coffey could go after singles gold once again.
Joe Coffey Defeated James Scott

The Winner of the Square Go, Joe Coffey put on an excellent performance against the man that he took the moniker ‘Iron Man’ from when they met previously. The outcome of this match was much the same as the last and Coffey continues to build momentum in his pursuit of Trent and the ICW World Heavyweight Championship.
Coach Trip vs. The Wee Man

Forget about Ricochet vs Ospreay and Omega vs Okada as now there is a 10 star rating that has to be given for this encounter. The athleticism from both was breathtaking and if only they could ‘Fight Forever’. Sadly like all good things they must come to an end and this Legendary match that will be talked about for generations had to do just that. Unfortunately the match was ruined by a run in from Davie Blaze and he helped his Cousin The Wee Man pick up the victory.

ICW World Heavyweight Title Match
Trent Seven (c) vs. Jimmy Havoc

It’s good to see a fighting champion. I truly hate Non Title Matches (a champion should prove he is the best by defending his title every chance he/she gets) so it seems for the time being that Trent is going to be an actual fighting champion. His first defence was against one of the most iconic wrestlers in the UK today, Jimmy Havoc. Of course these two put on a fantastic contest that was more than deserving of a title match. Trent had to win this one to help cement his status as champion and who better to beat first than Jimmy Havoc.

Wolfgang showed up after the match to attack Trent but he was cut off by Havoc and then Trent and Havoc sent Wolfgang packing.


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