Session Moth Martina Defeated Kasey and Viper

Session Moth was able to pick up her first win in ICW with a Mr Cocko aka a mandible claw with a condom on the hand(Jack Sexsmith Style). This match was not without controversy as the Women’s champion Kay Lee Ray came out and distracted Viper enough that she was chased to the back by Viper who up until that point had been dominating both Kasey and Martina. With this victory how much longer will it be before we see Session Moth Martina challenge for the ICW Women’s Championship.

ICW Zero-G Title
Kenny Williams Defeated Lewis Girvan

The time had finally come for Lewis Girvan to get what he had deserved for such a long time, a one on one fair shot at the Zero Gravity Championship. But yet again due to an injured leg Girvan had been suffering with he was unsuccessful once again. Even with a busted leg Girvan gave Williams a very tough test and Kenny passed this test. Kenny Williams so far has had some great matches with top talent I just hope this run continues and we get to see even more fantastic matches just like we have seen from Kenny’s reign so far.

There was a brawl backstage between Trent and Wolfgang and the rematch has been set for the title and it will take place when ICW are in tour in Manchester.

Jack Jester Defeated Dave Mastiff

A big win for Jester over one of the best big men around today. It will only be a matter of time before Jester and Drew finally come to blows but the video packages with Drew taunting Jester are a perfectly produced. The match between the two will take place at Barramania and it could be the last we see from one of these two in ICW for a while once this war is over.

Christopher Saynt Defeated Liam Thomson

This feud seems to have finally been put to rest after Saynt was able to defeat LT Degree with help from a few ladies.

Tag Team Street Fight
The Bucky Boys (Davey Blaze & Stevie ) with Wee Man & Kay Lee Ray Defeated The New Age Kliq (BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew)

There was a small moment of nostalgia when the Bucky Boys music hit and they made their way to the ring together for the first time in a long time. That only added to what was the first and quite possibly last war between The Bucky Boys and The New Age Kliq.
Both teams took insane risks to not only be victorious but seriously hurt their opponents and after BT Gunn was pushed of the Balcony to the floor and crashing through a table as he landed, it was up to Renfrew to defeat both Davey Blaze and Stevie. It did not take long for both to gain the upper hand and really punish Renfrew, then Stevie convinced Davey that he could handle things and Davey left it up to Stevie to end Renfrew which is exactly what Stevie did by administering sick amounts of punishment to Chris Renfrew who was left a bloody mess in the middle of the ring. It was a dramatic end to the show and Stevie played the Bad Guy role to perfection.


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