The start of another ICW tour kicked off in Southampton and they delivered an unbelievable show filled with dramatic and exciting moments.

ICW Zero Gravity Championship
Kenny Williams Defeated Josh Bodom

Another successful defence for Kenny and another impressive name to add to an ever growing list of victories. This was not easy for Williams as Bodom is one of the top young talents this country had to offer. Josh was able to dominate large parts of the match and he came inches away from wining the title. But Kenny would show what a true champion needs and that’s heart as he never quit and used every bit of his skill set to finally defeat Bodom.

ICW Women’s Championship
Kay Lee Ray Defeated Nixon Newell

Another title match and this was just as good as the other title matches on this show. Both women gave everything and put their bodies on the line to entertain everyone. There is no question that both are exceptionally gifted and with that they put together one of the best women’s matches I have ever seen. ‘The Girl With The Shiniest Wizard’ Nixon Newell did not win this time but made a great statement and maybe on another day she may be more successful. Kay Lee Ray though seems unstoppable since winning the gold and with a Glasgow Destroyer to Nixon she was able to walk out of Southampton still the Champion.

Who can not say they did not find the video packages that played throughout the night with Liam Thomson and Christopher Saynt very entertaining. If you have not seen this then you are missing out on some comedy gold.

Joe Coffey Defeated Ravie Davie

This was as predictable as we all knew it would be. Coffey made short work of Davie who did have a small flurry where he impressed for a small period of time. But Coffey is on a run that will not be stopped here. It does seem however that some fans are starting to turn in Joe but he is handling it well with a touch of arrogance creeping in to his personality.

Drew Galloway Defeated Grado

This was another great match to add to some of the classics these two have had over the last few years. Grado really pushed Galloway all the way and came very close to defeating Drew again. But Drew hit his Future Shock DDT and it was all over. The more concerning factor in this was the change in character Drew has undergone since losing at Fear and Loathing.

Iysten Rees Defeated DCT

There is no doubt that Rees is beginning to make a name for himself in ICW and with this dominating win over a top talent like DCT it will do nothing to hurt his goal in becoming the ICW champion.

Mike Bird and Wild Boar Defeated Sha Samules and Joe Hendry

The East End Butcher came out to the ring looking to bash a couple of Mugs. It did not take long for his challenge to be answered as the ICW Tag Team Champions hit the ring and attacked Sha. Fortunately help was not far behind and The Local Hero Joe Hendry was there in a flash to help Samules against The Marauders. But they may of underestimated the tag champs as Bird and Boar proved why they hold the gold with a very impressive win over two big names in the company. Who is next for Bird and Boar and who ever is able to defeat this well oiled machine will have to be dam impressive and have luck on their side on that night.

Wolfgang Defeated Jack Jester

A great contest between two veterans of ICW and it was the distraction of Drew Galloway at ringside that was the deciding factor in this one. Drew was also able to hand Woldgang some Brass Knucks to help Wolfy beat Jester. But the punishment was not over as both continued to beat on Jester and even Grado’s attempt at making a save did not work out and he was victimised just like Jester.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Trent Seven Defeated Lionheart

The main event was easily the best match of the night. It was a great match and that was thanks to great performances from both Trent and Lionheart. After a Seven Clothesline and Piledriver, Trent kept hold of the title. But Lionheart proved he is more than capable of winning the big one even though he was not successful on this occasion. He pushed Trent to his limit and at times I thought the title was going to change hands. It’s not like Lionheart doesn’t deserve a run as the top Champ as his performances since coming back from a broken neck have been amazing but over the last year he really has proved he is more than ready to be the Top Heel in the company.

A great start to the new ICW Tour can’t wait for when they stop off in London as we will be there for an amazing night of first class Wrestling.


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