Another outstanding show put on for FREE by WCPW on their popular YouTube channel.

Bad Bones & Drake Defeated Prospect (Archer and Gracie)

I do enjoy the antics of Prospect outside the ring with them attempting to raise money to get themselves to Orlando. In ring they impress every time and nothing was different about this match as they gave another excellent performance. They were up against the much larger team of Drake and Bad Bones, who used their size and power to attempt to dominate the match. Prospect showed real heart by not giving in and it did seem they could win the match but after James R Kennedy made the distraction and Bad Bones used a chair to gain an advantage behind the refs back, it was not debatable any longer as Drake and Bad Bones scored the pin.

WCPW Internet Championship
Cody Defeated Liam Slater

Even in defeat Liam Slater built up even more momentum in his quest to prove he is a serious contender as a singles competitor. After countless near falls and even kicking out of a Cross Rhodes. It seemed that Slater may be able to do the unthinkable and he nearly did by getting a few near falls himself and just when it seemed he might be able to hit his diving Headbutt for the second time Cody moved and capitalised hitting a second Cross Rhodes to retain the Internet Championship. After the match Cody showed respect to Slater for a hard fought battle and then also gave the fans a gift for their support of him and that gift is The Bullet Club Are Coming To WCPW !!!!

The new faction that made a huge impact last week came out and finally the trio of Travis Banks, Joe Coffey and Joe Hendry is now known as The Prestige. They told everyone that they came together basically because they are sick of the state of the business and with all the ‘ Big American Names’ coming over, getting a five star treatment and getting paid much more than them. This has the potential to be a great faction that could dominate WCPW for the foreseeable future. Banks took a shot at time keeper and British Wrestling legend Doug Williams who did not hide away and went to challenge Banks only to get hit with a cheap shot. Even commentator Matt Striker took offence to what the three said and he looked ready to go!

ROH Showcase
Silas Young Defeated Delirious

It’s cool that ROH have so many great working relationships with so many wrestling promotions. This match between two of ROH mainstays was as good as expected and the run Silas has been on continued with an impressive win over ROH veteran Delirious. While this was a good match it was just a showcase and felt like a filler match at best.

Best Of 7 Series
Steel Chain Match
Rampage Defeated Primate

The sixth match in the series was the last as with this win Rampage won 4-2 overall and will be heading to Orlando to face the WCPW Champion. This was an Extreme, Hard Hitting contest with both these beasts beating the hell out of each other. Unfortunately the chain did not stay on the wrist of Primate very long but it was used by both men with great effect and so was many other weapons and tables to put together a brutal last match in this great best of 7 series.

WCPW Women’s Championship
Bea Priestley Defeated Kay Lee Ray

Another amazing women’s contest from to of the best female wrestlers in the world. Thanks to Viper yet again Priestley remained champion as she was able to distract her long time rival Kay Lee Ray. This feud between Viper and KLR has followed these two women in every promotion the two women work in. But I must say it is one of the best female feuds around at present time.

The Prestige (Joe Coffey & Travis Banks) with Joe Hendry Defeated El Ligero & Gabriel Kidd with Prince Ameen

It seems clear that The Prestige will run through everyone and anyone to get their message across. They jumped Ligero and Kidd as they made their way to the ring and it didn’t take long for them to manipulate the contest in their favour and came out victorious. Ligero and Kidd impressed and showed excellent athleticism at times but the trio of The Prestige used their knowledge of the wrestling ring to pick up a victory. Hendry is a great mouthpiece for this group and proved it as he was in a verbal battle at the commentary table with Matt Striker for the majority if the match when he was not trying to interfere in the match itself. So with Hendry as the mouthpiece, Coffey has to be the muscle, Banks is the technical, fast , hard hitting guy and then all they need really is a bit of a loose cannon or a guy that is willing to take a risk or two and not care about repercussions too round off the group and later on in the show they get the perfect one.

REV PRO Showcase Match
Marty Scurll Defeated David Starr

Two of the best indie wrestlers clashed and it was a great match to watch. Like the other showcase match there was no story or stakes to the match and again it kind of felt like a filler match. But even though these two made it much more than a filler by putting on a great match as these two are always known for. Scurll picked up the win after he made Starr tap out with the Cross Face Chicken Wing.

Next it was time for Martin Kirby to announce his replacement for GM of WCPW and it was the original voice/face of What Culture Adam Blampied. After talking about how proud he is of the success of WCPW he was interrupted by the music of BT Gunn. Gunn made his way to the ring not before unveiling a Prestige T Shirt that he had on under his jacket. The rest of Prestige then joined BT Gunn and they surrounded the ring and then rushed the ring and beat down Kirby and then attacked the new GM Adam Blampied. I could not think of a better person to be the fourth member of this faction and now I have no doubt they will be a force to be reckoned with in WCPW.

WCPW Heavyweight Championship
Drew Galloway Defeated Will Opsreay

This was always going to be an outstanding Main Event with two of the best wrestlers the UK has ever produced.
The video packages, promos and story leading to this match was all done perfectly making this match great even before the bell had rung.
Galloway dominated the opening portion of this contest using his size and strength to man handle Ospreay. But the Aerial Assassin used the skills that has helped him defeat the best in the business and came inches away from winning the belt but it was Galloway who hit a second devastating spinning Future Shock DDT and retained the title to end a truly epic show.


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