The fourteenth show from the Cockpit in London was another brilliant show to add to the others that have taken place at this venue.

The show was started with a contenders match and after my comments in the last match from this division that I watched I now understand the concept more and I did like the change in attitude of one Rob Lias who was now wearing an outfit with a lot more creativity. His opponent Kurtis Chapman did look like he weighed 100 pounds when soaking wet and may snap if caught in a strong breeze did not exactly exude an intimidating presence. The match lasted a few moments after a cheap shot from Lias he quick finished Chapman off and after the match continued a best down until Dan Magee made the save.

Zack Gibson Defeated Eddie Dennis

Before his Epic Encounter with Hirooki Goto in April Gibson collected another impressive victory in Rev Pro. The talking done between these two before the match was just as entertaining as the match itself as both are great talkers and both are great characters. It was a back and forth match neither man really dominated until finally Gibson was able to Wrap Eddie’s Arm around his head, Lock The Shankley Gates and he made Eddie Dennis Tap out.

David Starr Defeated Bubblegum

Every time I have watched Starr wrestle in the last few months the more I am impressed with him. I really like his gimmick with the man with the most nicknames his in ring style is flawless and he has tons of charisma. This is a guy that could easily work at the top of any of the big promotions in the world. Bubblegum is becoming a veteran of the UK wrestling scene and he is still proving that despite his small stature he is more than a match for anyone. Starr and Bubblegum put together a fast paced, exciting contest either man could of won but it was Starr with a Straight Jacket German Suplex for the win.

Moustache Mountain Defeated The Revolutionists

It seems we may of seen the end of The Revolutionists and about time too. While they have been a great Heel faction over previous years they have not been the same force that they once were over the last year. So it was one of the hottest teams in the UK that put them to rest, Moustache Mountain delivered a usual master class in tag team wrestling and finished of James Castle with a Pile Driver from Seventh Heaven and A Tyler Driver straight after to kill of The Revolutionists to the dismay of Sha Samules who took his anger out on his partner Castle after the match. Maybe this win could put Moustache Mountain in line for a tag title shot in the near future.

Dave Mastiff Defeated Jeff Cobb

Everyone loves a good Big Mans Wrestling match. This one showcased two of the best big men in the business today and they didn’t disappoint anyone. Cobb was so amazing in this match with his freakish strength when he was able able to pick up and throw Dave Mastiff around with ease. But this was yet another big win for Mastiff who can not be denied a title shot much longer.

Ryan Smile Defeated Pete Dunne

This was the most shocking moment of the night as Ryan Smile was able to upset one of the hottest prospects in British Wrestling. Dunne did his upmost to put away Smile and it did seem only a matter if time before he did. Smile proved he is more than ready to step up and be considered a viable contender in Rev Pro with this victory after the amount of punishment he was able to withstand and still come out on top.

Rev Pro Cruiserweight Championship
Josh Bodom Defeated RJ Singh

The controversy over the Cruiserweight championship with both Bodom and Ospreay claiming they are the Rev Pro Cruiserweight Champion. This night settled nothing in that regard but Bodom did prove he has a case for his argument as he was able to yet again successfully defend his title with ease against RJ Singh. While Singh was once a top contender since his return the bar has been raised a lot higher and now he is not in the same league as Bodom and this match was proof of that.
After the match Bodom informed everyone that he would also be in Orlando for Rev Pro’s big show but it seems he may already of found a challenger as David Starr was quick to step up and challenge him for the gold.

Matt Riddle Defeated Timothy Thatcher

This was a grappling masterclass between two of the best mat technicians in the world. It’s amazing how quick Riddle had transferred his MMA skills into Pro Wrestling so quick and which ever top promotion finally pulls their finger out the arse and signs him will have a big star on their hands. The same could be said for Thatcher who unlike others was able to match Riddle hold for hold and nearly had Riddle beat but it was the amazing reversal skills of Riddle that made the difference and once he was able to lock in the Bro Lock Thatcher was tapping out.

Rev Pro Tag Team Championship
CCK (Chris Brookes & Travis Banks) Defeated Joel Redman & Charlie Sterling

The main event was with out a doubt one of the best tag matches I have seen in a long time. Many have criticised Sterling and Redman for being a boring team but no one can deny they were half the reason that this match was so good. The story that unfolded during this contest was a fantastic piece of exciting drama that had shocking twists and a brilliant finish. When Travis nailed Redman with the title belt behind the Ref’s back and they seemed to have won the match until Ref Chris Roberts figured out what had happened he decided to restart the match the moment of euphoria from the fans at the title change soon changed to despair when that happened. The despair got worse when Redman and Sterling hit their finisher on Brookes, with Banks taken out on the outside it seemed over only for Brookes to kick out at the last moment before the Ref’s hand hit the Mat for the third time. The crowd exploded at that moment and then CCK capitalised on that moment and put finally were able to win the tag team titles and the celebration with everyone inside the Cockpit began.

A great show from Rev Pro they never fail to disappoint and if like me you can’t get to every show do like I do and watch every show on


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