XWA 45 Gold Rush Rumble Review

This was our first time watching an XWA show and it had everything you could ask for as a Wrestling fan. The venue was perfect, the action was immense and the wrestlers and others that work for the company that we met and chatted with were extremely friendly.
The show itself was full of entertaining, first class wrestling matches and the stories that were told throughout each match and the entire show were executed perfectly.

XWA Frontier Championship
Jody Fleisch Defeated Doug Williams

Two of the best veterans in British Wrestling collided in this contest. Doug was accompanied to the ring by his faction that included Jonny Storm, Paul Tyrell and a very large bodyguard type man . The three men stayed ringside for the match and tried everything to get Doug Williams out of the match with the belt, even blatantly attacking Jody in the ring in front of the Ref trying to get Doug disqualified. These antics did not last long though as the Ref was given no choice but to evict them from the ring side area. This left Doug all alone and he had to rely on his on skills to retain the title. There were a few occasions when it seemed that Williams would retain but it was the ‘Never Say Die’ attitude of Fleisch that was the deciding factor in this one. When Fleisch found the opportune moment he hit a Springboard DDT and was able to cover Williams for the three count and became the New XWA Frontier Champion.

XWA Women’s Championship
Sammi Jayne vs Rhia O’Reilly

There was a war between these two fierce females that finished with a double count out and they then had a pull apart brawl on the outside of the ring  with both women left having to be escorted out through separate exits in an attempt to stop the brawl. The match that took place in the ring was excellent. It was a back and forth match with lots of near falls that only seemed to anger both women as they could not finish of their opponent. Finally after a close fought contest the frustration with the fact neither could beat the other finally boiled over and they spilled out of the ring and the brawl that was mentioned began. There is no way that this feud is over and the next time these two collide I think they  may need to have  some kind of stipulation so they can finally decide who is better.

XWA British Heavyweight Championship
Cara Noir Defeated Lion Kid

What the F’ has happened to Tom Dawkins ? He has undergone a major change in his character. So now the ‘The Artist Formerly Known As Thomas Dawkins’ is now called Cara Noir. While his gimmick has changed his technical ability has improved immensely maybe his change in character has meant that he has had to change his approach in a match but for me he is a much better performer because of this. This was also the first time I had seen The Lion Kid live and he was even more impressive than I could ever of imagined. There was obviously a bitter rivalry going in to this one and it exploded all over Charter Hall in Colchester as the ring could not contain these two with the fight spilling out in to the crowd. Both took insane risks to incapacitate the other and leave with the gold but somehow they both managed to keep fighting neither wanting to let the other leave victorious. It seemed that Lion Kid would finally be able to gain some revenge as it looked certain he would be the New Champion but then from the back came this masked man who attacked Lion Kid without the Ref’s knowledge and this was enough for Cara Noir to capitalize and he was able to retain the belt.

After the match XWA Owner Dann Read came on the mic and told Noir that this is not how things are done in XWA and a champion must act like one by fighting his own battles. So with that Dan decided to strip Cara Noir of the belt and put it on the line in the Gold Rush Rumble in the Main Event of the show.

Penta El Zero M Defeated Jonny Storm, James Castle and Lance Lawrence

The XWA debut of Penta El Zero M (aka Pentagon Jr/Dark) saw him compete in a four corners match against three other top talents from the UK who all seemed rather nervous at the realization that they were in the ring with Penta El Zero M. There is no doubt he is an intimidating site and all three competitors were affected by his presence at first. But they all soon forgot about that after having to deal with his viscous chops and leg kicks that echoed throughout the building, they were all in to much pain to think about anything else. But even though Penta was dishing out some lethal blows Storm, Castle and the very impressive Lawrence (who is another we were seeing for the first time and was another that was extremely impressive with his flawless athleticism) fought back and did attempt to stop Penta from leaving victorious. However it seemed inevitable that Penta would win and after he hit his Penta Driver on Lawrence with Storm and Castle brawling between each other on the outside it was all over.

Kota Ibushi Defeated Goto Ihahsi

This has got to be one of the most bizarre, entertaining, breathtaking, comical matches I have ever seen. Some of the antics that these two got in to during this match are something that words can not do justice. There was a bicycle, a boxing match, a fat guy getting stuck between the ramp and the ring and then some insane risks taken on the outside that took everyone’s breath away.
I will admit on first sight Goto Ihashi looks like a short fat guy and he is, but he is one agile little fat guy that put on a very entertaining performance. Of course there is no denying the talents of Kota Ibushi the guy is just absolutely amazing and on this night he was no different and even showed a brilliant sense of humour and he was also able to show how strong he actually is by being able to get Ihashi up and Powerbomb him. After hitting the PowerBomb Kota was able to finish of Ihashi with a picture perfect Phoenix Splash and both men received a standing ovation from everyone in attendance after putting on a fantastic wresting match that showed that you can have lots of fun and then be deadly serious within the same match. This has to be not only match of the night but also in the running for our match of the month and a real viable contender for our Match Of The Year.

XWA British Heavyweight Championship
Cara Noir wins 20 Man Gold Rush Rumble

This was a twenty man rumble with top UK wrestlers including Cara Noir, The Lion Kid, Jonny Storm, Jody Fleisch, Doug Williams, James Castle, Lord Gideon Grey, Savy Sid Scala, Paul Tyrell, Hooch, Lance Lawrence and others.
It seemed the group of Williams, Storm, Tyrell and King would deliver a winner as all four men found themselves in the ring and used the numbers game to dominate for a while until they got complacent and they made a mistake that Fleisch was able to capitalise on and he was able to eliminate the entire group one after the other, but it came at a price as after that he seemed in no condition to continue after the punishment he had already taken and as the match continued Jody was motionless on the mat.
The rest of the competitors made a small impact on the match but it was Cara Noir who came in and made a statement by eliminating multiple opponents in quick succession . It finally came down to the final three The Lion Kid, Cara Noir and a motionless Jody Fleisch.  It seemed like maybe The Lion Kid was going to eliminate Noir but out came the pesky unknown masked guy who then helped eliminate The Lion Kid. That was more than enough for The Lion Kid who chased his unknown tormentor out of the building. This left the newly crowned Frontier Champion and the now former British Champion to do battle to find out who would leave with the gold. While Jody showed real heart to try and get up and battle back, the punishment he had already taken over the course of the night finally caught up with him and it became the deciding factor as Cara Noir was able to capitalize on that and he eliminated Jody to regain the title he had been stripped of earlier in the show.

This was still not what Dann Read wanted as  Cara Noir yet again had outside help to win this one. But while there is nothing he could do on this night there is always another night and another chance for Cara Noir to either show he can fight his own battles or for him to finally be dethroned as champion.

Wow this was an amazing show and experience for us all and we will defiantly be coming back to XWA every time they are doing a show in Colchester.

On another note I bought my daughter along for this show as she is a massive Lucha Underground fan and she got to meet Penta in the ring after the show. But before that she had an amazing time that she won’t forget and now has some new favourite Wrestlers in The Lion Kid who she got to meet and he was fantastic and  them there was Rhia O’ Reilly who came over to where we were sitting so she could see the Ibushi/Ihashi match and she started chatting with my daughter for a bit and then took the time to have a pic with her which made her night even more special. Then there was the Dann Read who we got to chat with for a few minutes after the show and he is a friendly guy that was very approachable and did a great job at putting my daughters nerves at ease when she realised she was next to meet Penta and got a little panicked so just wanted to say Thank you for that.

Anyway hope you enjoyed the review and if you are now thinking of going to XWA trust me it’s worth every penny and you will have a fantastic night.


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