image.jpgJay White Defeated Kenny King with Caprice Colman

A great opening contest saw the continuing winning streak of White continued as he was able to overcome a very tough test in veteran Kenny King. The majority of the contest was dominated by King but the resourceful White was able to surprise King with a roll up and leave victorious. Another big win for White and after this questions will be asked if it is time for White to get a shot at maybe the World Television Championship he is more than deserving of one.

Number One Contender for ROH TV Title
Kazarian Defeated Punishment Martinez, Chris Sabin, Hangman Page, Cheeseburger and Silas Young

It seemed like the added advantage of having two Bullet Club members in this match paid off. All six men gave a good showing but after everyone had been taken out on the outside. The only two left in the ring were Kazarian and Cheeseburger, after Kazarian was able to hit his finisher Ace of Spades it was all over and there is now a new number one contender for the ROH World Television Championship.

Jay Lethal Defeated Bobby Fish

This was a fantastic wrestling match between these two that had everything you could ask for from a match. The way this match swung back and forth with both men trying to gain some dominance in the match. Lethal was finally able to win the match by taking the one chance he had to hit Lethal Injection and when he did it was all over. This was clearly a step in the right direction for Lethal who is trying to find a way to get back in the title hunt.

ROH 6 Man Tag Team Championship
The Kingdom (Vinny Marseglia, TK O’Ryan and Matt Tavern) defeated Dalton Castle & His Boys

The match came to an abrupt end after TK hit a Springboard Moonsault to the outside, however as he was landing his shin connected with the guard rail and you could clearly see it bend in a sickening way. The match was quickly finished with the other two members of The Kingdom hitting their finisher Rockstar Supernova and then the attention was focused solely on the injury to TK O’Ryan. I hope he recovers as quick as possible and we seem him back in the ring in the very near future.

ROH World TV Championship
Marty Scurll Defeated Lio Rush

What a run Marty Scurll had been on since winning the ROH TV Title and the list of victories he has amassed is very impressive. This was another excellent performance from The Villain who was able to overcome the challenge of the very impressive Lio Rush. The risks taken by Rush looked like they may pay off but maybe it was one risk to many as Scurll was finally able make him tap out with the Cross Face Chicken Wing.

The Briscoes & Bully Ray Defeated War Machine & Davey Boy Smith Jr

It seemed the unusual teaming Davey Boy Smith Jr and War Machine was the deciding factor in the outcome of this contest. War Machine just could not gel with Smith and it may be because War Machine want a shot at the IWGP Heavyweight tag champs who just happen to be two members of Suzuki Gun a group that Davey Boy Smith Jr is a member of. So after the arguing over who should finish of Briscoe they did not imagine their opponents would be able to battle back. But with The Briscoes and Bully Ray you can never underestimate them and they proved that as they were able to hit a 3D and get the victory on Rowe. The arguing continued after the match between Rowe and Smith and it turned in to a brawl very quickly.

ROH World Tag Team Champioship
Las Vegas Street Fight
The Hardys Defeated The Young Bucks and Rapongi Vice

This was an extremely insane match that saw the use of multiple weapons like chairs, tables, ladders and thumbtacks. The risks all six men took was incredible and the damage they did to each other was sickening at times. Any team deserved to win this match and it was the Hardys that walked away with the belts after Jeff hit a Swanton Bomb of the top of a ladder through a table that had Trent Barretta laid out on it. The Hardys left with the ROH tag titles and The Young Bucks Super Kick Party Tag Team Titles. This feud between The Bucks and The Hardys is far from over and on April 1st they will clash again.

ROH World Championship
Christopher Daniels Defeated Adam Cole

Wow this was quite possibly the best World Title match I have witnessed in a very long time. The contest had everything you could ask for in a title match. There was Suspense, Drama, Surprises and tons of Emotion. The moment Daniels was busted open there was even more drama added to the story of this being the last chance for the Veteran. It got even better as Cole began to toy with Daniels and it seemed he could finish the match when ever he wanted. Instead he decided to berate Daniels to the point where Daniels was able to muster up some more courage and fought back. Unfortunately for Daniels the blood loss was not helping and Cole was able to capitalise on it. The fact Cole could not finish of Daniels started to make him frustrated and in that moment of frustration he went to hit Daniels with a Super Kick but missed and hit the Ref instead. At that moment out came New Bullet Club member and former tag team partner and Friend of Daniels, Frankie Kazarian. Then Cole Grabbed the belt and went to nail Daniels who was being held by Kazarian but Daniels ducked and Cole nearly hit Frankie but he was able to stop at the last second. Cole then gave the belt to Kazarian and he looked set to hit Daniels but he stopped, dropped the belt to the floor and then ripped the Bullet Club shirt to reveal a Christopher Daniels shirt. The crowd exploded and Daniels grasped the opportunity and took down Cole, then he hit 3 Best Moonsault Ever’s and covered Cole and the Ref counted three the fans exploded again and the celebration started as Daniels was ROH World Champion for the very first time.

There is a phrase that is over used in Wrestling by fans nowadays and it is the ‘ YOU DESERVE IT’ chant, well on this occasion Christopher Daniels more than deserves this title belt after the years of sacrifice he had given to entertain us fans.


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