New Japan Cup Quarter Finals Review

Evil Defeated Yuji Nagata

Bad Luck Fale Defeated Toru Yano

Katsuyori Shibata Defeated Juice Robinson

Tomohiro Ishii Defeated Sanada

Each match in the Quarter Finals of the New Japan Cup was held over this week. The first match on the 13th of March was a hard hitting contest between Evil and Yuji Nagata. After a back and forth battle Evil was able to hit an STO for the win. The second match on 14th was Bad Luck Fale against Toru Yano. The tricks that Yano used in this match to gain a cheap win nearly worked, but Fale was to powerful and found a way to overcome Yano. I was impressed that Yano was able to withstand the amount of punishment that he did but there was no way he could get up from a viscous Samoan Spike. I can’t see anyone stopping Fale who is the only Bullet Club member left in the Cup. A stand out performer from the first round was Juice Robinson but his second round opponent on the 15th was a much harder challenge as he faced of against Katsuyori Shibata. Even in defeat Robinson was still very impressive as he stood toe to toe with the hard hitting Shibata but after getting caught in a choke hold it was only moments before Juice was out and Shibata was able to hit his devastating Penalty Kick to finish off Robinson and move on step closer to winning the New Japan Cup. Two completely different styles of wrestling clashed as the fast paced Sanada went up against the brute strength of ‘The Stone Pitbull’ Tomohiro Ishii. The match started at a fast pace and it was Sanada who was able to out do Ishii for a short time before he was cut off by Ishii. There was a moment when it looked like Sanada may be able to finish Ishii of with his Skull Crusher submission but just like Ishii has proven time and time before, he is not an easy man to keep down and using his power he was able to finish off Sanada and move on to the Semi Finals.

There is no doubt that the Semi’s are going to be amazing and the final will be absolutely epic. Whomever wins is already deserving each man has already been through two impressive battles and they still have two more to go if they want to be victorious.


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