world of sport

ITV and Impact Wrestling announced yesterday officially that World of Sport will return to ITV with tapings at the Preston Guild Hall on May 25th and 26th.

The announcement was of a 10-episode series. ITV greenlit the series which would be largely funded by Anthem Entertainment, which would run the wrestling end, with Jeff Jarrett in charge of the wrestling.

They announced tickets would go on sale on April 7th at,, and

There will be a launch announcement on March 27th at 2 p.m. in Manchester where more details will be announced, including the roster, as well as a Q&A.

UWR reported this a few weeks ago, noting that the show would be airing at 5 p.m. on Saturdays and start in July. ITV has only committed to the ten shows as a trial.

The release featured photos of wrestlers with Grado, Davey Boy Smith Jr, Zack Gibson, Kenny Williams, Rampage Brown, Sha Samules, Joe Coffey, Mark Coffey, El Ligero, Anton Smith, Viper, Johnny Moss and Dave Mastiff . Rockstar Spud and Magnus from TNA are also part of the roster of the show.

While no deal has been closed, Jim Ross had been earmarked as the host of the show. Officially, only Alex Shane, who co-hosted the pilot with Ross that aired on December 31st, is an announcer. Grado will enter the tapings billed as the World of Sport champion based on the first episode.


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