ICW Zero G Championship
Kenny Williams vs Charlie Sterling

Wow this match was crazy. Both guys are so agile and for someone the size of Sterling that is even more impressive. This was such a fast paced match that if you blinked you missed something. The more Sterling appears in ICW the better he gets and this was no different he gave Kenny a tough test but just as he has before Kenny was able to pull out a victory.

Polo Promotions vs Two Lads Pissing Around (Joey Haze & Martin Kirby)

The tag team division in ICW is going through some major changes since Polo Promotions lost the tag titles. They were told they would have to start from the bottom and work their way back in to the title picture. I like many believed it would only be a matter of time before the Polo’s were back in the title picture and I also believed there was no team that could match them in the whole country. Well it seems I was wrong as not only did they loss but it seems problems are starting to arise between the duo. Kirby and Haze were great in this match and pulled out a huge win. I hope we see more of this very entertaining team in ICW.

The Sam Barbour Experience made his way to the ring and informed everyone he was due to have a match with the suspended Stevie. He taunted The Leader of The Filthy Generation knowing that Stevie was not in the building but he forgot about the Vixen of Violence, Kay Lee Ray made her way to the ring and the pair fought for a bit until Barbour seemed to over come his female attacker. But KLR got back to her feet and hit Barbour with an awesome Gory Bomb.

ICW Women’s Championship
Kay Lee Ray defeated April Davids

So straight after her brawl with Barbour, Kay Lee Ray had to face off with Davids. I have never seen Davids before and she was very impressive. Her German Suplex was flawless and she is very skilled in grappling and submissions. This was another tough challenge for Kay Lee Ray but she was able to finish of her opponent the same way she has done with everyone else with a sequence of moves she has named Stranger Things.

Grado defeated Jack Jester

While this may of been a much needed win for Grado since he has not had a very successful year in ICW so far, it does seem he has lost a lot of the momentum he had and he is not the most popular wrestler in ICW with others becoming more internationally known. But thanks to the feud Jester is having with Galloway, Grado was able to benefit after Drew distracted Jester and Grado win with a roll up.

Joe Coffey defeated BT Gunn

This was a fantastic match between two of the best wrestlers in ICW. Nobody can chop like BT Gunn and he delivered some spine tingling shots to the Iron Man. However Coffey took everything Gunn could dish out and was able to make BT tap out with a Judas Cradle.

Zack Gibson defeated Ravie Davie

It did not take long for Gibson to beat Davie. It was a bit of a mismatch as the much larger Gibson was able to dominate and eventually put Davie away. While Gibson was impressive he will have to face much tougher challenges to ever be considered number 1 in ICW.

Sha Samules defeated Drew Galloway

After causing Jester to lose to Grado it was not a surprise that Jester repaid Galloway with causing him to lose to Sha Samules. However Jester went a very different route than Galloway did. When Drew was unleashing numerous chair shots to Sha , Jester made his way to the ring with a chair and both dared the other to hit them with the chair. Jester went one step further by getting on his knees and demanding Drew hit him. This distraction gave Sha enough time to recover and catch Drew by surprise with a roll up. This had only added more flames to the fire of this feud.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Trent Seven defeated Wolfgang

This was the chance for Wolfgang to take back the belt he believes is rightfully his. But this was also an opportunity for Trent to finally prove that he is a deserving champion. Both did more than enough to deserve to be called Champion but it was the unbelievable amount of punishment Trent is able to withstand and the fact he was able to hit a sickening Piledriver whilst standing on two chairs that were the factors in the match. No one should or could kick out after having their head driven through two steel chairs and it was no surprise that after that extreme move that Wolfgang could not continue. This was the win Trent needed and if he continues to defend his title the way he is every week then it will not be long before people will be considering him to be the best ICW champion in history.


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