ICW Zero G Championship
Kenny Williams defeated Davey Blaze

Even after being jumped from behind before the match, Kenny was still able to walk away with the belt yet again. Now that Kenny has started an open challenge it was always going to be a lot harder for him now that he has no idea who he will face every week. This did seem like one step too far for Kenny as he was dominated for the majority of the contest. It was one small mistake made by Blaze that Kenny was able to capitalise on and he hit a Quiff Buster DDT to win the match.

Nathan Cruz defeated Joe Hendry

It’s been a hard time for Nathan Cruz in ICW since his debut he has not been able to pick up a win. That has all changed now as he was able to sneak a victory with a roll up and a handful of tights. This was what Cruz needed and hopefully this is a step in the right direction for his career in ICW.

Joe Coffey defeated Nathan Cruz

Another tough test passed with ease by Joe Coffey and yet again I can’t see anyone stopping him in this form. I and everyone else is waiting anxiously for the day he and Trent finally fight for the gold. It will be a match worth waiting for as both are looking better than they ever have done. The real winners in this one will be us the fans as we get to sit back and enjoy these two first class wrestlers do battle.

Stevie Boy defeated Jack Jester

After serving his suspension, Stevie returned with and made another huge statement as he was able to defeat Jack Jester. Now calling himself The Icon Killer, it seems that name could be a perfect fit as he was able to take down Jester an Icon of ICW and it seems he will be doing the same to Renfrew at BarraMania.

Pete Dunne defeated Chris Renfrew

Speaking of Renfrew he is clearly still not fully recovered from the beating he received from Stevie a few weeks ago. While Renfrew was not at 100% that takes nothing away from how impressive Dunne was in his debut for ICW. The only surprise for me is that it took this long for Dunne and ICW to do business they do seem like the perfect fit and I doubt it will be long before we see Dunne with another piece Gold, maybe the Zero G or he could try to take the ICW World Heavyweight title from his British Strong Style pal Trent Seven.

BT Gunn defeated Chris Ridgeway

A very straight forward win for BT Gunn in this one. So far Ridgeway had not been very successful in ICW, he is impressive in every match but it seems he just can’t get a win at the moment but to be fair he has had some tough opponents and there is no one tougher than BT Gunn who is yet another that deserves a title shot in the future.

ICW Tag Team Championship
Bird and Boar defeated Ravie Davie and Danny Hope

After bullying Davie into finding a partner for a tag title match, Bird and Boar were able to do what they enjoy most. They beat the crap out of both Hope and Davie, it did not take the champs long to finish the job. The team of Bird and Boar are a breath if fresh air in the ICW tag division my only problem is they need some new challenges. While Kenny and Kay Lee Ray are having some challenges from wrestlers that are not usually associated with ICW I feel the same is not being done for The Marauders but there are numerous teams they could face to help them get even more over and there is still a lot of the tour still to go and I think they could bring in some teams to face them on the tour I was thinking maybe The London Riots, CCK ( Travis and Brookes), Redman and Sterling, FSU (Mark Andrews and Eddie Dennis), The UK Hooligans and The Swords of Essex (Will Ospreay, Scott Wainwright and Paul Robinson).

ICW World Heavyweight Champuonship
Trent Seven defeated Jordan Devlin

Another successful title defence by Trent after he was able to hit a Corkscrew Piledriver. But the defence of the title was not the story in this contest. It seems where ever Devlin competes lately he is not being well revived mainly due to his resemblance in looks and wrestling style of his trainer Finn Balor. But like he has done in other companies Jordan Devlin was able to turn the boos in to cheers by the end of the match after everyone was able to witness just how tough this young man is. At the beginning of the match Devlin took a huge risk by performing a senton dive over the top rope to the outside but while he took out Trent he also smacked the back of his head on the hard floor. As soon as his head made contact it split open and blood began to pour out of the back of his head. What was impressive was that this did not seem to slow Devlin down in fact it seemed to fuel him but I don’t care who you are no one can withstand a blow like that and even though he was able to show everyone how tough he is and now he has won over another set of fans I just hope he has not suffered any serious injuries as he is someone I would like to get the chance to see perform live.


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