The Insane Fight Club Tour rolled on and this weeks stop was Sheffield and they got an outstanding show.

ICW Women’s Championship
Kay Lee Ray defeated Lana Austin

There is no question that every champion in ICW is a fighting champion as they defend the belt every time they step inside an ICW ring ( there are no non title matches here). The ever growing list of women Kay Lee Ray has beaten since winning the gold is getting more impressive by the week as ICW continue to bring in the top females from around the country to try and take the belt away from Kay Lee Ray. This weeks challenger was Lana Austin who put in a good showing but after a Gory bomb, a Swanton bomb and then another Gory Bomb from The Khaleesi of ICW Austin was just another name on the list.

Lionheart defeated DCT

While his title shot may have not gone his way last week, Lionheart was back to his winning ways this week in a very strong showing against DCT. Lionheart was able to catch DCT with a SuperKick as The International Sex Hero jumped of the second turnbuckle.

Wolfgang defeated Grado

While the popularity of Grado did hit unimaginable heights over the last few years, now it seems he is not the only one to finally benefit from the hard work as Wolfgang is getting to prove just how good he is with the biggest wrestling company in the world. On this night both put together a great match that suited both Grado’s and Wolfgang’s strengths. As always Grado tried to add some comedy to the match but Wolfgang has been in no mood for Fun and Games since he lost the ICW World Title. But with this convincing win over Grado he seems more than ready to get the title back in his rematch in Manchester.

Joe Coffey defeated Sha Samules

The winning streak of Joe Coffey continued to build as does his confidence and rightfully so. He is looking the best he ever has and it’s only a matter of time before he is champ as he can choose when he has a shot after winning the Square Go briefcase. I’m loving the new attitude that he seems to have acquired along with the case, he is verging on arrogant he may still have a following but he is becoming a great heel for the company. The fact Sha is not having much luck in his recent matches is also helping his story with Kid Fite as the feud he has with him is in his head so much it is affecting him in the ring. Hopefully he will be able to put it behind him when the two clash in a Street Fight at BarraMania.

ICW Zero G Championship
Kenny Williams defeated Zack Gibson

As mentioned earlier every champ in ICW is the perfect example of what a Fighting Champion should be. The next challenge for Kenny to over come was the imposing Zack Gibson. While Gibson says he is soon to be the best in the country, he is not far away from being there. On another night Gibson would be Zero G champion but Kenny’s never say die attitude and his unquestionable talent are proving too much for anyone to overcome. I truly believe Kenny is on track to becoming the best Zero G champion in ICW History.

Jack Jester vs Drew Galloway no contest
This was probably one of the most Insane moments in ICW, this was not a wrestling match it was a fight! Both brawled all through the building then even outside in to the street and into the road causing traffic to stop. Both made their way back to the ring and the fight continued with Drew hitting Jester with countless chair shots finally the match was thrown out to no ones surprise. These two will meet again at BarraMania and I can only see this getting even more violent between these two former friends, my only fear is someone will not be walking out of the Barras in Glasgow.

ICW Heavyweight Championship
Trent Seven defeated Joe Hendry

I know I have mentioned Fighting Champions multiple times but it’s something you don’t see a lot but it’s what a champion should be. In my opinion a champion should defend his/her belt every time they are in a match, it gives the champ and title more credibility and helps others get over by having them come close but just not enough to win the gold. This match was a perfect example as Hendry was super impressive in this match and came very close but Trent is showing he is not losing the belt anytime soon with another great display finishing Hendry with a Seven Lariat.


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