Progress Wrestling Chapter 45 Galvanize

Progress Tag Team Championship British Strong Style defeated The South Pacific Power Trip

Finally SPPT got their shot at the gold and they very nearly got the job done. But as impressive as they were BSS were just a little bit better. No one can deny Travis Banks has been a stand out performer in 2017 as has his partner TK Cooper who is improving every time he is in the ring. Both have everything they had and even with Dahlia getting involved they still could not overcome the dominating duo of Tyler Bate and Trent Seven. It is going to take a very special team to dethrone the champs but later in the night I think we get to see that team. Before Trent and Tyler could celebrate their victory they were jumped from behind by Jimmy Havoc who took them out with countless chair shots in an effort to make sure the main event stays a one on one contest and also it was Jimmy’s birthday so maybe he was just doing what he loves doing most.

Gibson def El Ligero with Helter Skelter
There is always the guarantee of tons of Banter when El Ligero is on the card and he took it to another level in this night. The antics didn’t last long as the serious Gibson was not looking to joke around with his former team mate. But the fun did not stop as Ligero continued to use every trick up his sleeve to defeat Gibson. Finally though the Good Time Killer Nathan Cruz made his way out with the mask he ripped off of Ligero. This distraction gave Gibson the chance to hit his Helter Skelter finisher for the win.

James Drake defeated Jack Sexsmith

Both did impress in this match as both have set their sights in a spot in the Super Strong Style 16 tournament in May. But it was Drake who hit another one of his viscous forearm shots (the same that broke Damon Moser’s jaw) and then followed up with his Impact DDT to defeat Sexsmith

Mark Andrews defeated Will Ospreay

Two Progress originals and two men that have done battle inside a Progress ring before put together a five star match even with a top rope that did not want to do its job. They are two of the best high flyers to come from the UK and it showed in this contest as I don’t think any other two men could put together a more exciting, fast paced and intense match that had me glued to their every movement. Some how Andrews was finally able to defeat Ospreay with a different finisher than he usually uses this may of been due to the top rope or that he felt he needed to change his game plan as Ospreay had undergone a complete transformation in his wrestling style and attitude. However Ospreay has lost another match on Progress when will he be able to get a win and Andrews has gained more momentum in the build to his inevitable title shot.

Jimmy Havoc was back in the ring again and this time it was Ospreay he attacked with a chair again it seemed Jimmy wanted to dish out some punishment to his most hated foes on his birthday.

Ring Kampf defeated The Hunter Brothers

This is the team who I believe will be the ones to defeat British Strong Style for the tag titles. Big Daddy Walter and Axel Dieter Jr were incredible in their victory against The Hunter Brothers. Both complement the other perfectly, Walter is a big powerhouse who is incredibly agile for a guy his size and Dieter is quite possibly the best mat technician in the world a today. This was an efficient win by the European duo and it can’t be much longer before they get a shot. That will be a must see match.

Flash Morgan Webster defeated Nathan Cruz

Another guy I think could do well in this years SSS16 is Flash Morgan Webster. Having returned from injury he is looking better than ever and was on fire in this match against Cruz. As for Cruz I think his ongoin battle with Ligero and Mastiff seems to be far more important than this match was and it will only be a matter of time before the former Origin members do battle again.

Natural Progression Semi Final
Jinny defeated Nixon Newell

The tournament is starting to reach its end and it is no surprise that the First Lady in the final is Jinny. She had a stiff challenge from the girl with the shiniest wizard, Nixon Newell. There is something so likeable about Nixon, from her ring music to her bubbly personality and her amazing athleticism it is not surprising she is on her way to America to showcase her skills. As for Jinny she was able to defeat Nixon and is just one more match away from becoming the first Progress Women’s champion.

Progress Heavyweight Championship
No DQ Match
Pete Dunne defeated Jimmy Havoc after distraction from Ospreay who did everything he could to stop Jimmy from winning the belt and those distractions gave Dunne the chance to hit his finisher ‘The Bitter End’ on Jimmy to retain the belt. Before Ospreay got involved we were treated to a sickening match with both men trying to end the other mans career. The numerous weapons that they used from Chairs, Tables, Thumbtacks, Barbed Wire and a Barbed Wire Baseball bat were all used with no concern for their opponents well being had me gasping on more than one occasion. But I think this win proved that Dunne is able to hang with anyone if he is able to survive a No DQ match with Havoc even though he had help from Ospreay.
I can only see more blood being spilt before this battle between Havoc and Ospreay has concluded both have already been booked for a Fans bring the weapons No DQ match at the next Chapter in Camden,London and after how the show finished in Manchester with Ospreay battering Jimmy with a mic this is only going to get more viscous and sadistic before it’s over. This is another feud that I worry for the well being of both as it is never going to end well.


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