We Catch Up With A Rising Star, Theodore Powers


The future of British Wrestling has never looked so bright and we have found another very talented young man who blew us away with his athleticism and agility when we saw him compete for the first time . A name that i think everyone will be talking about very soon is Theodore Powers and we got the chance to interview this future star.

UWR: How old are you and where are you from?

Powers: I’m currently 18 years old and I was born in Tooting, South London where I still live to this day.

UWR: Growing up where you a fan of Pro Wrestling ?

Powers: Some people may be surprised by this but I actually wasn’t a fan growing up ; my dad was always a huge fan of wrestling so much so that he actually trained and spent a couple of years on the independent circuit. i spent the first 9/10 years of my life trying to get interested in it but for some reason it just never really clicked. It wasn’t until back in early 2009 that I caught an episode of Smackdown to try and sneak my way into staying up on a Friday night that I realized that i actually enjoy it and from there it boomed into, I could almost say an obsession. Unfortunately that was also around the time my dad had sold some of last of his huge wrestling collection to help pay the bills that were needed.

UWR: Where did you train, who trained you and how old were you?

Powers: It didn’t take me long into watching wrestling that I wanted to give it a go so back in 2011, just after turning 13 I received a flyer about a wrestling school in South London so me being me I was determined to go, which I did along with my dad. Over the years I’ve attended multiple training schools/academies as well as a huge number of seminars; Will Ospreay, Doug Williams, The Knight Family, Joe E Legend and Al Snow to name a handful.


UWR: Who were some of your influences growing up ?

Powers: Back when I started watching wrestling as a fan, Jeff Hardy had to be my favourite for me. It was something about his unique in-ring style and charisma that just can’t be taught as well as his final WWE feud with CM Punk that really hooked me. Add in names like John Morrison, Edge, Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels and there is no way I could say no.

UWR: Are your family and friends supportive of your Pro Wrestling career?

Powers: My family have been the one of the few constants throughout my time in wrestling. I’ve mentioned my dad, Stan Powers, a number of times as he is probably the strongest connection I’ve had in terms of understanding my passion for wrestling and helping me on my path to do what I love so much so that he trained alongside me in the early years, helped me with transport to shows, gave me critique that no one else would and nothing more so that actually being in the ring with me for a number of matches over the first 5 years I was wrestling; helping along the way. I can also mention my cousin Remy and his father, James, both of whom also trained for a while and I’ve had great support and memories both in and out of the ring with. But back to the original question, all my family have been extremely supportive for me and my pursuit of my wrestling career.


UWR: I’m sure like every wrestler you remember your first match. So who was it against, did it go well and what do you remember most about it?

Powers: My first match was a very interesting one: by this I mean it was the very first training show for my original training school and I was part of a triple threat to open the show. At the time the match felt like it’d belong on the WWE Network or some higher platform like that but looking back now, well, I’m sure you can read between the lines on that one.

UWR: For people that have never seen you wrestle before can you tell them about your character and wrestling style ?

Powers: For those yet to see Theodore Powers in the ring you should all expect to see a very high number of kicks and flips. But there is a lot more substance to the in-ring work other than kicks and flips but to see and appreciate all that you’ll have to get along to a show and see for yourself. Also I am very loud no matter what! So I always want to get everyone watching to make as much noise as they possibly can.

UWR: What companies do you and have you work/worked for ?

Powers: I’ve wrestled for quite a few companies within the UK so to try and name them all would take a while but recently I have worked shows with NFW, UKPW, RCWA, BEW, BECW, DOA among many others and I’ve also wrestled for CTW in Portugal.

UWR: So what is next for Theodore Powers?

Powers: Next up for Theodore Powers is to make a name for myself every and anywhere I possibly can. I have it as a goal that in the next five years the whole British (and hopefully international) wrestling scene will know who I am and what I can do.


UWR: We would just like to say thank you for giving up your time to do this.

Powers: You’re welcome.

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