The last Monday Night Raw before Wrestlemania did more than enough at advancing every feud heading into the biggest show of the year.

The show started started with Bayley, Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Nia Jax discussing the match they have coming up at Mania. Out of the four Charlotte seemed the most comfortable on the mic, Sasha sucks plain and simple at delivering a promo but that is more to do with her character being a smiling Babyface when what ‘The Boss’ character should be is an arrogant Heel, Bayley is improving on the mic as she should be the smiling Babyface as that suits her character perfectly and Nia Jax is getting better at being the monster she should be like Bayley she is improving on the mic every week and seemed more confident when delivering her portion of the segment between all four women.

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Charlotte and Nia Jax

It was very predictable that the argument between the four would turn it to a tag match. The four put in a great showing and if this match is anything to go by then their Elimination Fatal Four Way contest at Mania could have the potential at being a show stealer.

Sami declared backstage that he would be in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania but then he was cut off by the ‘Balls Crusher’ Stephanie McMahon and she did her best to put down Sami just like she does with every talent that she deals with. In my opinion she is the worst Heel authority figure ever in Wrestling history, A good Heel Authority figure should do what she does by being a complete A’hole but they should at some point get their comeuppance, this never happens with Steph as she is allowed to berate everyone with never anything happening to her, Mick Foley as GM was a perfect example as he was tormented by her every week and then after everything he was fired with no chance of getting revenge for the way he was treated. But who knows hopefully they will tie in the Foley firing at Mania with him getting involved somehow, maybe during HHH/Rollins match and costing HHH the match and maybe a sock shoved down Stephanie’s throat for good measure ?
Back to Sami he was told that he would have to qualify for the Andre the Giant Battle Royal by defeating Kevin Owens in a No DQ match and if he lost Sami would be fired.

Austin Aries defeated Noam Dar
I loved the intensity shown by Aries as he made short work of Dar. He is looking great since coming back from his horrific injury and even though he and Neville are on the pre-show this also has the potential for being the best match of the day. I do however feel a bit sorry for Dar he is being used as a glorified jobber when he is far more talented for that role and deserves a chance to prove that. I hope after Mania he is given a chance to fight for the title as most of the Cruiserweights have had a chance and I believe he is all round a better performer than most of them.

Another predictable contract signing that as always ended in a brawl. HHH and Rollins were excellent on the mic and both did a great job in telling the story that is going in to the match. Even though I detest these contract signing segments, this one did a great job in getting me a lot more invested in the match than I was before it.

There was a confusing Over The Top Rope Challenge and Big Show got to chuck a few jobbers over the top rope. Then the jobbers all ganged up and got Big Show over the top rope, he then came back into the ring and destroyed everyone in the ring. Braun Strowman made his way out to the ring but stopped short on the ramp, it seems these two Giants will collide at Mania in the Battle Royal and I think it would be best if the eliminate everyone with ease and have those two as the last two left, two giants battling over The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal trophy.

Neville defeated Jack Gallagher
Another impressive display from the Cruiserweight Champion but the most entertaining part of this came after the match with the AANN News Report, Aries was very entertaining in this segment but even though the New Day did their best to turn it into one of their corny segments, Aries did enough to entertain me and built up the match between Aries and Neville even more.

The tag match between Enzo & Cass vs Gallows & Anderson did not last very long ! After being jumped backstage earlier in the show, Cesaro and Sheamus came looking for some measure of revenge as they attacked Gallows and Anderson. All three teams then had a small back and forth brawl. This was did enough to aid the build up for this match and it is hard to pick who will leave Wrestlemania as tag champs.

I thought Roman Reigns did a good job in his in ring promo, I am longing for the day when he turns to all those who boo him and say ‘ F’ you guys !! You have been booing me for years and it got you nowhere, I won the rumble and the gold at mania, keep booing me if you want. I never needed you then and I dam sure don’t need any of you now !!’
Taker as always was brilliant, I loved the shots of him digging the grave.

Sami Zayn defeated Kevin Owens
The fact this match had a stipulation and something on the made it a lot more entertaining for two guys we have seen do battle countless times. Both always put together a great match and this was no different but it was Jericho that was the highlight of the match with him attacking Samoa Joe from behind then distracting Owens for Zayn to get roll up on Owens for the win. Again this was perfectly done and helped immensely with the match Owens and Jericho will have at Mania.

I switch off now when ever Paul Heyman has a mic. Every time he talks it seems like he says the exact same thing. Why does Lesnar never talk ? It does not help him at all, I mean he doesn’t have to say slot just a couple of words here and there would really help him. Goldberg is growing on me he has never been the best talker in the business and he kept it quite short here but it was perfect and then him hitting a spear on Lesnar could place a little doubt in everyone’s head that maybe Goldberg could beat Lesnar again and maybe he could be that One guy that Lesnar just could never beat.

Any how this was a great show. I really enjoyed the majority of it and am looking forward to Wrestlemania a lot more now than I was before.


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