Smackdown Live 28/3/17


So it was Smackdown’s turn to deliver a show worthy of Wrestlemania week and quite honestly they absolutely blew it. This was a two hour show with three wrestling matches and all three went way longer than they ever should of and to be honest I’m dreading watching a few of these contests now at Wrestlemania.

So the show kicked of with yet another Contract Signing (we haven’t seen one of those since Monday) and like every contract signing segment they have done over the years it was absolutely Boring. Yes Styles is good on the mic and delivered what he had to say perfectly and Shane was okay but its just the fact that they can’t come up with something different to do than another pointless Contract Signing. This creative team are only doing damage to the performers with their lazy efforts.

Carmella & Alexa Bliss defeated Becky Lynch and Mickie James

What started with a singles match between Becky and Carmella was turned in to a tag match after interference from Bliss and Mickie. I was hoping this match would of ended after the interference but alas no, it should of though it was a dreadful match. I am not a fan of Lynch, I cant stand her facial expressions and that ‘Straight Fire’ thing is just pathetic. As for Carmella she like a few others was called up far to early and it showed as she was exposed in this overly long winded match. then when they added Mickie and Alexa to the match it got worse as the match went even longer exposing even more weaknesses these females have. not even the experience of James could help save this one and so for once i was grateful that Ellsworth got involved in a match to bring about the ending.  Then Naomi returned  and while its nice she came back from injury to be at Wrestlemania in her home State the match and everything went far too long that i think everyone was past caring by that point. For a match that is on the pre show they really dedicated a huge chunk of the show to it.

Miz TV was funny in parts Miz was freaking Awesome and Cena was too. I just feel that the women and are not helping but are hindering this build. I’m positive the same will happen at Mania, I just hope the majority of the match is just Miz and Cena. Maybe they can find a way for one of the women to get taken out of the match so the match that should of happened in the first place can happen. I’m mean with the run miz has been on and Cena being Cena a singles match at Mania this year could of easily been for the world title and i would be okay with that as both have been outstanding in everything they have done so far since last years Mania.

Mojo Rawley, American Alpha, Rhyno and Slater defeated The Usos, Breezeango and Dolph Ziggler

There was a Jobber 10 man tag that no one really cared about but it was some how supposed to hype up the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal but it did the opposite. Firstly why are The Usos not defending the Tag belts at Mania WTF ? Secondly who really thinks any of these guys realistically stand any chance of winning the Battle Royal? Thirdly why not put these guys in a multi team tag match at mania for the tag titles at least then they will get a better chance of shinning instead of a pointless Battle Royal where its obvious non of the guys on Smackdown stand any chance of winning it.

Bray Wyatt defeated Luke Harper

A match and feud that i hoped for seems to have been thrown away in this pathetic match. well if this contest is anything to go by maybe it was not such a great idea. Both were slow and sluggish and I lost interest. But to be fair I had lost interest in this show after the interference in the first match of the night. It feels just too late for Bray he lost far too many feuds to be taken seriously as champion and they did very little to build him back up in the eyes of many fans. As for Borton sorry I mean Orton he is as dull as he has been with his monotone delivery of every promo. he and bray do not deserve to be in this position and i think the more deserving duo in my opinion would of been The Miz and Cena. Now I know they were the main event of Mania 27 and it  was quite possibly the worst Mania ever. But both are completely different performers now and are seasoned Pro’s now who have like i said earlier been two of the best performers in the company for some time now and more than deserve this after the way they have performed this last year. Then of course there is AJ who has been equally as outstanding this last year and he also would of should be in the title match at mania so if it were up to me it would of been a triple threat for the title this year with Styles vs Cena vs The Miz all three deserving of the spot yet are all stuck in two other pointless matches.

This show was plain terrible and did very little in my opinon to build up my anticipation for any of these matches from Smackdown going in to Mania.





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