ICW Barramania 3

It was the third Barramania and while some parts were executed perfectly other parts of the show left me baffled as to what I had just seen. As always the in ring action was first class from this great company unfortunately I was not there live and watched the show the following day via ICW Ondemand. The one small problem with this was it seemed one of the cameras had a glitch for the first two matches and there was an annoying flicker that had to be endured but it didn’t take away from the action.

Zero G Chamiponship
7 Man Championship Scramble
Kenny Williams defeated BT Gunn, Zack Gibson, Charlie Sterling, Ravie Davie, Matt Cross and Flash Morgan Webster

Firstly I thought everyone in the match put on a great performance, I loved the ending when BT Gunn had Kenny locked in a Cross Face and Kenny refused to tap until the time limit had passed, Flash Morgan Webster was the stand out performer in this match for me and I hope they continue with the story from this between BT Gunn and Kenny Williams. The one problem I did have with the match was with some of the high spots to the outside and on the outside of the ring. If the whole concept of the match is to get a pin fall inside the ring and the man who wins the last pin fall when the time is up is champion then why would you do any high flying moves to the outside it makes no sense there was no psychology involved just who can get the biggest pop from a high spot. The one person who seemed to get the concept of the match was Webster and when he got a pin fall and was interim champ he did a great job of keep everyone out of the ring stopping them from being able to score a pin fall and trying to run the clock down. I just think they spent a lot of time on the outside when the only way to win was being in the ring and it made very little sense to me.

War Machine Defeated Polo Promotions

This was a great slugfest between these four big lads. Both teams with out question are two of the best around today the only thing that does baffle me slightly was that War Machine won. I hope this win means they will be returning but with all their other commitments around the world I doubt they will be ICW regulars which raises the question why did they win and not Polo Promotions a team that has been moved to the bottom of the so called tag team pile but with this loss what happens next for the best tag team in ICW History ?

Last Man Standing Match
Chris Renfrew ???? Stevie Boy

I have loved the feud and the build towards this epic show down and I thought this match had the possibility to steal the show. Unfortunately what went down was something pulled out of the WWF mid 90’s creative book. As Mikey Whiplash made his 3rd or 4th BIG return in the last couple of years by coming up from underneath the ring and pulling Renfrew back under the ring with the lights annoyingly switching on and off. Then Mikey was in the ring again with a confused Stevie the lights went out again and everyone was gone and I along with many others were left thinking why the F’ would you finish a great feud with that crap ? The match was actually not bad before the ending with Stevie having his hands zip tied behind his back in an act of revenge but the awful ending will be the only thing remembered about this match.

Inter Gender Tag Team Match
Davey and Kay Lee Ray Defeated DCT and Viper

There were parts of this match I found entertaining but other parts were confusing again and a lot of the contest looked like a complete cluster F**K. I am not a fan of MMA and but I was impressed by the size of the Bear Jew guy but he was made to look like a complete fool. He was bought in to the match by Mark Dallas to even up the odds and stop Wee Man from interfering but he could not stop that from happening and it was the interference from Wee Man that gained Davey and KLR the victory. I am loving that the Buckey Boys ( or whatever they are calling themselves) are back together and they are all much more experienced and can become a dominant force within ICW. This match did not need all the interference from the MMA guys it made it much worse and took away from the four talented individuals in the match.

Barbed Wire Rope Match
Drew Galloway defeated Jack Jester

Before this match I had only seen one Barbed Wire Match in full and it was back in ECW between Terry Funk and Sabu. With that sickening contest in my mind I was a tad uneasy having to watch this match hoping neither man go to the lengths that Funk and Sabu had gone too. Thankfully it was nothing like that blood fest and only Jester fell victim to the Wire. Having his arm cut badly early on it was Jester like I said that took the majority of punishment in this match with Drew not even having as much as a scratch on him when it was all over. There was an emotional moment at the end as Drew said farewell and no one can argue he was a big part in elevating ICW to where it is now from where it was when he returned a few years ago. So all I have left to say is Thank You Drew !!!

Glasgow Street Fight
Sha Samuels  Defeated Kid Fite

This match was split and spread out through the show with two short video clips. One was in a Car Park and both men brawled for a few moments and then some guy who we were told was a trainee of Kid Fite’s interfered and helped beat down Sha. The two jumped in a car and attempted to run over Sha. The second clip was in a market and this was an even shorter brawl than before with Sha getting the better of both men. Finally the Street Fight ended in the ring with Sha Quickly hitting a sit out slam and pinning Kid Fite. I did like the first two video clips and I thought they would end the fight in another unnamed location but instead they ended a Street Fight in the ring with a pin fall. So the one question I have is How many fights that have taken place on the streets of Glasgow have ended with one person pinning the other while a ref counts three ? Also what was with the sharing of drinks at the end ? It just did not work and was more baffling like most of this match was.

Lionheart and Joe Hendry Match Thrown Out

This match was another that had a great story going in to it and while I understand they want to continue the feud the way it was done with Lionheart punting Hendry in the head and the Ref stopping the match because of that was an easy and not very creative way out that left me yet again baffled by the booking decisions of this show.

Wolfgang defeated Grado

I enjoyed this match both put together a great match and showed they are two of the best entertainers in the country. It’s a shame Grado lost another big match I think he could of done with a big win but the shock that came after washed all that away and now he has a chance to be even more creative with Heel Grado and with Red Lightning back and working as Grado’s sports agent the sky is the limit for this character. He started of in a great way by shooting a brilliant promo that made him look like an an arrogant prick and he did it perfectly.

ICW Tag Team Championship
Bird and Boar Defeated Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith

This was a very enjoyable match until outside interference yet again spoiled another good match. This time it was Iysten Rees that made the difference after being thrown out by the ref early on in the match, he returned at the end and entered the ring and blatantly interfered and the champs retained. I really like the team of Rampage and Smith I hope ICW use them again more often but I have been massively impressed with The Marauders the team of Bird and Boar are a great duo and the tag team finisher that they hit to win the match is awesome then there is the Giant Rees who is improving rapidly so I think they are another faction that could dominate ICW.

ICW Heavyweight Championship Match

Joe Coffey Defeated Trent Seven

I have loved the reign of Trent Seven as champion. He defended the belt every time he stepped inside an ICW ring but that same impressive accomplishment was the catalyst that made him lose the title in the end. He had been through so many hard battles that when he finally came up against The Iron Man ( who was in the best form of his career) it was just too much for even Trent to over come. I think it would of been better if Trent had refused to tap and just passed out from the pain but that is just my opinion. Coffey turning heel was also done at the wrong time and would of been so much more meaningful if it had happened during the match rather than after ( maybe instead of Red coming out after the match and joining forces with Joe, he could of come out near the end and been the one to hand Coffey the title to hit Trent with) when it meant much less and they even seemed to make a mess of it all and it had a lot less impact than it should of had the only thing that saved the end of the show was Dalllas getting clotheslined by Coffey and the look of disbelief on the face of the owner Mark Dallas at seeing Coffey and Red back together again.

Not the best show from ICW but moments from this show will never be forgotten as they will shape the future of ICW and I’m very excited to see what happens next which is what you want any fan to feel after watching any show.



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